* Welcome, Franklin Regional High School Bowling *

Western PA Sports Media is honored to present team and individual photos of your 2021-2022 Franklin Regional High School Bowling team!  

Several weeks ago we photographed the bowlers individually on our lighted white background using a variety of poses. Since then our graphics team has digitally removed the white backgrounds from the photos, leaving just the bowler's image on transparent background. We use these images, called "cutouts",  to create a variety of finished photo compositions using our own custom backgrounds and graphic designs. All of the team and individual photos that you will see have been digitally created from the individual photos. Because we photograph the athletes in studio lighting conditions, the resulting photos have a magazine photoshoot quality appearance and look fantastic in print. It's a labor intensive process that takes some time, but we hope you will agree that the results are worth it.

In the case of the Franklin Regional bowlers, we had a unique opportunity to create a second design for individual photos in addition to the main one that we created. Along with the posed portraits, we were fortunate to be able to take photos for the yearbook of the bowlers in action during practice from a position on the lanes. We then removed backgrounds from these action photos to build a second composition that combines both photos using an artistic design. We have included this second design in the photo gallery if you are interested in ordering prints of it too.  

You can view all of the photos and place orders from the private photo gallery at this link: 


You will notice there are 4 images available of each athlete. Three of them use the background graphic of the Export Moose Lanes,  the fourth is the additional photo described above. Of the ones with the lanes background, there are two vertical compositions, one with text and the other with just the year and Panthers logo. There is also one horizontal image called a Memory Mate that has an individual photo along with an inset of the team photo. When placing orders for the photo packages, you may use any of the four photo compositions to complete your order. All are formatted so that they will print properly in any of the sizes from 8x10 to wallets. You can mix the different images in the packages at your discretion. There is also a full-size team photo available at the beginning of the photo gallery that can be ordered in packages or in other print items. We have created six variations of the photo packages to meet the most common needs. If purchasing more than one or two photo print units, you will likely save money with a photo package that meets your needs versus buying individual prints.

Adam Reabe-KR5_8828_45TV.jpgAdam Reabe-KR5_8828_45TV.jpgAdam Reabe     Adam Reabe-KR5_8828_45V.jpgAdam Reabe-KR5_8828_45V.jpgAdam Reabe Adam Reabe-KR5_8828_45TV-OS.jpgAdam Reabe-KR5_8828_45TV-OS.jpgAdam Reabe

Adam Reabe-KR5_8828_MM.jpgAdam Reabe-KR5_8828_MM.jpgAdam Reabe FRHS Bowling_8x12 TEAMFRHS Bowling_8x12 TEAM2021-22 Franklin Regional Bowling Team

After you place an order, we will receive your order information electronically after you check out, and you will receive a confirmation email. Please verify your email address for accuracy so you are sure to receive our confirmations. We will leave the ordering functions active until midnight Sunday, February 20, at which time we will send all orders we have received to the professional photo lab we use in Pittsburgh. Because we are having these printed locally, we anticipate receiving your finished photos back in approximately a week, at which time we will arrange to distribute them to the team members.  This will get the photos back to you in the fastest manner and eliminate shipping charges normally associated with orders placed through our website.  Once we have submitted the final order to our local lab, we will change the photo gallery defaults to take additional orders through the national photo lab that we use for other photos on our site. Orders received after Sunday will be subject to the availability, pricing, and shipping charges associated with our national vendor. Bottom line: it is less expensive and faster to order by Sunday, February 20.

When you find your athlete's photos in the photo gallery, we recommend you create a user profile and save their photos as "Favorites" in your account. Just click the heart icon on the photo to make it a favorite.  This makes it much easier to work with the photos when you are ready to create an order. Your favorites list will also remain available in your account for access at a later time. 

If you should have any questions or issues within the ordering process, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call/text (724) 396-9952.

Thank you for the opportunity to capture these photo memories of the Franklin Regional Bowling Team. We appreciate your business and welcome your comments. 

Ken Reabe Jr and Barry Reeger

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