Football - GCC vs Bishop Canevin

September 25, 2020

Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3315Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3315

Bishop Canevin Prevails 14-12 over GCC in Error Filled Battle  

It has been said often after two teams battle it out in a well executed football game that neither team deserved to lose. But if there's another side to every coin, it's possible that Greensburg Central Catholic's matchup with Bishop Canevin was the game that neither team deserved to win. After almost 48 minutes filled with turnovers, costly penalties, and unforced errors from both team, Bishop Canevin outlasted a last minute Greensburg Central Catholic scoring drive to beat the Centurions 14-12 at GCC's stadium in Carbon on Friday, September 25.

After neither team could convert on their early possessions, Canevin made the first big play of the game when Willie Banks-Hicks scooped a David Altimore fumble and rambled 29 yards untouched into the endzone with 6:54 remaining in the first quarter. The PAT play was muffed and Canevin led 6-0.

Nine seconds later, on the Centurions first play from scrimmage following the kickoff, Altimore couldn't find the handle on a snap under center and the Crusaders were back on offense after the fumble recovery at Central's 36 yard line. A pass interference call on the next play moved Canevin into the red zone, and quarterback Adante Berrian soon found Lesae Lacks in the endzone with a touchdown pass at 5:07 left in the quarter. A Berrian to Jordan Ruffing two-point conversion toss made the score 14-0. 

On the ensuing kickoff, Nate Dlugos brought the Centurions out to the 22 yard line where they began a long drive, highlighted by a 21-yard keeper by Altimore and a 15-yard Altmore to Joe Blahovec pass reception. Danny Dlugos put the Centurions on the board with 58 seconds left in the first quarter as he carried in from 7 yards out. Altimore's attempt on a quarterback keeper failed and the score remained 14-6 in favor of the Crusaders.

Following a failed fake attempt by Canevin, the Centurions took over but couldn't advance the ball either. GCC's punt attempt had execution problems when the snap sailed over Joe Blahovec's head and he fell on the ball, giving the Crusaders good field position again. Canevin failed to move the ball and was forced to punt to GCC. This time the Centurions put together a good drive that culminated in a David Altimore to Nate Dlugos touchdown pass of 16 yards. The two-point conversion attempt fell short again, and Bishop Canevin held a 14-12 lead with 1:08 left to play in the first half. It was also the last time either team would put points on the scoreboard for the rest of the game. 

The second half was not the best representation of football for either squad. GCC retained possession after recovering an Altimore fumble following a hard hit by Canevin's Eli Wilson and Andrew Jones, only to lose the ball soon after on a fumble by Zach Dlugos near midfield. The Crusaders mounted a drive into the red zone, aided by a successful Xavier Nelson fake punt run, but they turned the ball over on downs on the final play of the third quarter when Berrian's pass into the end zone on 4th-and-goal from the nine fell incomplete. 

GCC opened the fourth quarter with possession deep in their own territory, but turned the ball back to Canevin on the 14 yard line in the opening minute as Altimore fumbled under heavy pressure. After losing ground and facing 3rd-and-19 from the 23, Berrian completed a 22-yard pass to Nelson to set up first-and-goal at the 1 yard line. But turnovers were plentiful in this game and the Crusaders added one to their scoresheet when they fumbled to give GCC the ball at their own 3 yard line. 

With a 97-yard field ahead to pay dirt, the Centurions mounted a sustained drive that chewed up most of the fourth quarter game clock. With the game on the line and facing 4th-and-goal from the 15 yard line, Altimore tossed to Joe Blahovec, who was stopped short of the goal line, allowing the Crusaders to kneel for the final play of the game in victory formation. 

Both teams will have home games next Friday. GCC (1-2) will host Springdale and Bishop Canevin (2-1) faces off against section leader Clairton.       

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game. 

Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1819Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1819 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1842Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1842 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1877Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1877 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1911Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1911 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1945Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1945 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1961Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1961 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1971Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1971 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1977Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1977 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1992Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_1992 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2038Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2038 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2058Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2058 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2065Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2065 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2094Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2094 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2164Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2164 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2191Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2191 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2263Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2263 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2271Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2271 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2315Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2315 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2351Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2351 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2374Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2374 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2382Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2382 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2391Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2391 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2398Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2398 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2405Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2405 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2429Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2429 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2477Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2477 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2487Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2487 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2489Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2489 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2534Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2534 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2595Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2595 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2623Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2623 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2632Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2632 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2686Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2686 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2740Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2740 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2751Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2751 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2761Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2761 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2796Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2796 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2851Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2851 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2889Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2889 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2951Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2951 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2980Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2980 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2996Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_2996 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3013Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3013 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3064Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3064 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3088Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3088 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3117Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3117 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3155Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3155 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3237Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3237 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3290Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3290 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3303Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3303 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3335Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3335 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3380Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3380 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3391Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3391 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3408Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3408 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3448Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3448 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3469Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3469 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3477Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3477 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3533Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3533 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3561Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3561 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3589Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3589 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3622Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3622 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3632Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3632 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3694Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3694 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3720Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3720 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3727Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3727 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3741Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3741 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3774Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3774 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3776Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3776 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3782Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3782 Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3842Football_GCC vs Bishop Canevin_20200925-KR1_3842