Boys Basketball - Mount Pleasant vs Monessen (WCCA Showcase)

December 18, 2021

Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6815Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6815

Monessen Boys Get First Win of Season, Beat Mt. Pleasant 58-44 in WCCA Showcase

After a slow start, which saw Monessen and Mt. Pleasant score only 29 combined points in the first half, Monessen found their groove and beat Mt. Pleasant 58-44 in the Westmoreland County Coaches Association Boys Basketball Showcase at Hempfield's Spartan Fieldhouse on Saturday, December 18.

The game resembled a snowball rolling downhill. Small and slow to start, while gaining speed and size the further it went. At the end of one quarter there were only 9 total points on the board. Things improved in the second but it was still anyone's game at halftime with the Greyhounds in front 15-14.

Monessen started to put some distance on the Vikings in the third quarter, with a 7-point margin over the Viking heading into the final frame. 

That's when Monessen's Lorenzo Gardner took charge, putting up 14 points in the fourth and leading the Greyhounds to the 14-point victory.

Gardner led all scoring with 29 for the game. Demetrio Sherbondy led the Vikings with 13 points.

The win was the first of the season for Monessen and improved their record to 1-3. Mount Pleasant drops to 1-4 on the season.         

Boys Basketball (WCCA Showcase) 1 2 3 4 F
Mount Pleasant 4 10 10 20 44
Monessen 5 10 16 27 58




Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game. 

Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6301Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6301 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6315Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6315 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6357Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6357 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6367Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6367 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6440Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6440 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6470Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6470 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6476Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6476 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6499Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6499 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6570Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6570 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6581Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6581 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6610Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6610 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6621Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6621 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6631Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6631 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6641Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6641 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6666Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6666 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6676Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6676 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-WP1_5363Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-WP1_5363 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6702Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6702 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6815Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6815 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6818Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6818 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6978Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_6978 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7044Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7044 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7050Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7050 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7059Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7059 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7079Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7079 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7092Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7092 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7110Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7110 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7115Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7115 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7124Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7124 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7181Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7181 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7235Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7235 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7283Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7283 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7355Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7355 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7368Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7368 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7383Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7383 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7389Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7389 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7405Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7405 Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7430Boys Hoops-MP vs Monessen_20211218-KR1_7430