Boys Basketball - GCC vs Jeannette

January 11, 2022

Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6175Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6175

GCC Boys Shut Down Jeannette in 2nd Half to Win 63-43

For two-and-a-half quarters, it looked like a typical Greensburg Central Catholic versus Jeannette classic in the making. The perennial rivals in all sports were locked up in another fierce battle, this time on the hardwood in a Class 2A Section 3 matchup. But then the pendulum swung permanently in the direction of GCC, as they outscored the Jayhawks 25-5 over the final 12 minutes to win 63-43 on Tuesday, January 11, at Greensburg Central Catholic's gymnasium in Carbon.   

A near sellout crowd was loud and proud as they saw Jeannette set the pace from the opening tipoff, jumping out to a quick 7-0 lead before fans had a chance to sit down. Brevan Williams finally got GCC on the scoreboard with a putback underneath 3 minutes into the game. But Jeannette continued to outpace the Centurions and held a 17-10 advantage after one quarter. 

The Centurions found their rhythm in the second quarter and began coming back, closing the gap to 33-30 at the half. Shane Micken scored 8 of Jeannette's 16 second quarter points. 

GCC battled back to their first lead early in the third quarter, and the two teams exchanged the lead several times throughout the opening 4 minutes. Then Brevan Williams broke a 38-all deadlock with a layup, giving the Centurions a lead that they wouldn't relinquish for the remainder of the game. While Tyree Turner got hot for GCC, scoring 13 of the Centurions' 20 third quarter points, Jeannette went ice cold, scoring only 1 point over the final four minutes of the third. GCC outscored Jeannette 20-6 in the quarter and led 50-39 with one quarter left to play. 

The final quarter was more of the same. The Centurions outscored Jeannette 16-4 down the stretch, punctuated by a Williams breakaway dunk, to close out the Jayhawks with a final scored of 63-43. 

Much of the scoring for both teams happened in the paint, as the Centurions had only 3 buckets from behind the 3-point arc to 2 for Jeannette. But for as fast and physical that the game was at times, neither team hit the team foul bonus threshold all night. Only 15 combined free throws were attempted, with GCC going 8-of-10 and Jeannette 3-of-5 from the charity stripe. Jeannette committed a total of 11 fouls to 10 for GCC. 

GCC's Brevan Williams led all scoring with 26 points, followed by Tyree Turner with 20. Jeannette was led by Shane Mickens with 17 and Anton Good with 10.

Next on the schedule for GCC (7-1, 2-0) is a section game at home against Clairton on 1/14. Jeannette (6-3, 1-1) will have another tough section matchup when they host Winchester Thurston on 1/14. 

Boys Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
GCC 10 20 20 13 63
Jeannette 17 16 6 4 43




Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game


Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8199Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8199 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8212Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8212 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8248Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8248 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8310Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8310 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8340Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8340 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8350Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8350 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8388Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8388 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8413Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8413 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8467Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8467 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8487Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8487 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8518Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8518 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8529Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8529 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8548Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8548 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8573Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8573 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8598Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8598 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6085Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6085 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8786Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8786 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8794Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8794 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8799Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8799 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8807Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8807 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8872Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8872 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8882Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8882 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8942Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8942 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8959Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8959 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8984Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_8984 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9014Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9014 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9077Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9077 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9130Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9130 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9146Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9146 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6144Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6144 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9265Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9265 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9273Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9273 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9362Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9362 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9378Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9378 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9398Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9398 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9404Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9404 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9409Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9409 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9411Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9411 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9449Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9449 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9487Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9487 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9507Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9507 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9539Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9539 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9559Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9559 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9593Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9593 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9602Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-KR1_9602 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6175Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6175 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6199Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6199 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6207Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6207 Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6220Bpys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20220111-WP1_6220