Boys Basketball - Penn-Trafford vs Franklin Regional

January 03, 2023

Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8774Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8774

Franklin Regional Boys Open Section Play with 60-48 Win at Penn-Trafford

Franklin Regional opened a double-digit first half lead, then kept Penn-Trafford at bay throughout the second half, to win 60-48 in the section opener for both teams on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at Penn-Trafford High School in Harrison City.

The visiting Panthers opened a 7-1 lead before the Warriors scored their first field goal midway through the opening quarter. Franklin Regional led 11-5 after one quarter of play. 

The Warriors offense came to life in the second quarter, scoring 16 points among 4 players. But the Panthers countered by turning their offense up a notch too, as they padded their margin to 12 to lead 33-21 at halftime. Cooper Rankin had 10 and Fin Hutchison had 8 second quarter points for the Panthers. 

The second half was an evenly matched battle throughout, with both teams putting up 11 points in the third and 16 in the fourth. Penn-Trafford never got close enough to seriously threaten, as Franklin Regional notched their first Class 5A Section 3 win of the season with a final score of 60-48.

The Panthers has four players in double figures, led by Cooper Rankin with 18 and Cam Rowell with 15. Fin Hutchison and Max Leven added 11 each. The Warriors got points from 8 players, with Ian Temple leading the way with 15.   

Both teams are back in action with section games on 1/6. Franklin Regional (7-3, 1-0) will host Kiski Area while Penn-Trafford (2-8, 0-1) travels to Gateway.

Boys Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Penn-Trafford 5 16 11 16 48
Franklin Regional 11 22 11 16 60




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Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3721Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3721 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3731Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3731 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8537Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8537 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8644Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8644 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8661Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8661 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8690Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8690 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8722Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8722 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8774Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8774 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8802Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8802 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8871Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8871 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8901Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8901 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8960Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8960 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8976Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8976 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8984Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8984 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8989Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_8989 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9050Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9050 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9069Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9069 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9082Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9082 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9110Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9110 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9131Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9131 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9141Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9141 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9156Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9156 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9243Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9243 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9271Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9271 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9320Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9320 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9353Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9353 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9377Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9377 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3793Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3793 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9592Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9592 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9643Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9643 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9665Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-KR1_9665 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3822Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3822 Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3845Boys Hoops_PT vs FR_20230103-WP1_3845