Girls Basketball - Greensburg Central Catholic vs Serra Catholic

January 05, 2023

Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4109Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4109

Greensburg Central Catholic Girls Prevail 47-43 in Hard-Fought Battle with Serra Catholic

Greensburg Central Catholic got the advantage in a low-scoring fourth quarter to break free of a neck-and-neck battle with Serra Catholic, beating the Eagles 47-43 in a Class 2A Section 3 matchup on Thursday, January 5, at the Greensburg Central Catholic gymnasium in Carbon.

GCC and Serra both entered the game unbeaten through the early part of their section schedule, along with Clairton and Winchester Thurston. At the end of the night, the loser would be looking up at the other three remaining unbeatens in the section standings. 

The game started out as close as it looked on paper, with Serra Catholic holding a 12-10 lead following a back-and-forth first quarter. Serra opened the second quarter on a bit of a scoring run, jumping out to a 24-16 lead in the first 3 minutes. But the Lady Centurions chiseled away at the deficit with a 9-2 run to trail only 26-25 at halftime. GCC used the 3-pointer as their primary weapon in the half, with Erica Gribble, Avery Davis, and Cara Dupilka each dropping two from behind the arc.

The Eagles had opened up a little breathing room again by the final minute of the third quarter, leading 39-35 with 24 seconds to play. But a field goal by Mya Morgan with 12 seconds remaining, followed by a buzzer-beating layup by Erica Gribble, tied the contest at 39 with one quarter left to play. 

Mya Morgan put the Centurions in front with a 3-pointer to open the 4th quarter scoring, and Cate Clark made 1-of-2 free throws for Serra to make it 42-40. A Gribble left-handed layup and a field goal by Morgan bumped the GCC lead to 46-40 with just under 3 minutes left in the game. Serra responded quickly with a 3-pointer by Abby Genes, and the GCC lead shrunk to 46-43 with 2:45 on the clock. 

Coming out of a Serra timeout, the Centurions moved the ball around, taking more than a minute off the clock before Serra got possession again. A pair of tie-ups in the final minute traded alternate possessions. Serra got the ball back after Erica Gribble drained one-of-two free throw attempts with 13.4 seconds to play, but a 3-point shot from the corner missed the mark as time expired and GCC celebrated a 47-43 victory.

Erica Gribble led the Centurions with 16 points, with Avery Davis adding 11 and Mya Morgan 10. Cate Clark scored 17 points for the Eagles.  

GCC (10-2, 4-0) is back in action on 1/9 with a non-conference game at Berlin Brothersvalley. Next up for Serra Catholic (5-1, 2-1) is a section game at home against Clairton on 1/9.

Girls Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Greensburg Central Catholic 10 15 14 8 47
Serra Catholic 12 14 13 4 43




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Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3852Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3852 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3868Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3868 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3864Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3864 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9865Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9865 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9876Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9876 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9886Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9886 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9896Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9896 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9909Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9909 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9960Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9960 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9979Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9979 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9992Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_9992 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0034Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0034 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0046Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0046 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3934Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3934 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0097Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0097 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0119Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0119 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0125Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0125 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0135Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0135 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0150Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0150 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0182Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0182 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0214Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0214 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3977Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_3977 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4014Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4014 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4064Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4064 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0242Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0242 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0342Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0342 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0387Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0387 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0409Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0409 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0450Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0450 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0522Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0522 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0535Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0535 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0635Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-KR1_0635 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4109Girls Hoops_GCC vs Serra_20230105-WP1_4109