Boys Basketball - Penn-Trafford vs Greater Latrobe

January 13, 2023

Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-WP1_4760Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-WP1_4760

Landon Butler Hits Career Milestone as Latrobe Wins 66-63 at Penn-Trafford

Landon Butler reached the 1000 career points milestone at Greater Latrobe during a 66-63 Wildcats victory in a barnburner at Penn-Trafford on Friday, January 13. 

Landon's field goal at the end of the 2nd quarter put him in the company of his brothers, Austin and Bryce, in the 1000 point club at Greater Latrobe. The senior guard came into the game needing 9 points to reach the exclusive scoring mark. His younger brother Max, a sophomore, was on the court with him at the time he hit the magic number. 

The game was a fast-paced shootout between the two Class 5A Section 3 foes, who both came into the game searching for their first section win. Penn-Trafford got on the board first as Jason Sabol scored 9 seconds into the game. The Warriors built up a 10-2 lead at the 4:50 mark, but the Wildcats fought back to trail 14-13 after one quarter.

From the start of the second quarter, the lead went back and forth multiple times for the rest of the game. Latrobe got the upper hand on the scoreboard before the half ended. JaTawn Williams scored 8 points and Landon Butler 7, with Butler's 1000th point putting the Cats on top 39-37 at intermission. Tyler Freas scored 11 of the Warriors' 23-point second quarter output, including 3 rainbows from behind the arc.

The game remained a neck-and-neck battle throughout the second half. Penn-Trafford spread their 3rd quarter scoring among 6 players, who put up 17 points total, including three 3-pointers, but the Wildcats edged the Warriors in 3rd quarter points with 18 of their own. Latrobe led 57-54 with one quarter left to play. 

Both teams put up identical numbers in the final quarter; 3 field goals and 3 free throws made on 7 attempts, for 9 total points. Latrobe slowed the pace down drastically over the final half of the quarter, trying to drain the clock while maintaining their slim lead. The Wildcats led 65-61 with 28.5 seconds remaining, but Carmen Metcalfe cut the margin to two on a layup with 6.6 seconds to play. Metcalfe then fouled out as he was forced to foul Landon Butler on the inbounds play, sending Butler to the line for a one-and-one with 5.6 on the clock. Butler made the first but missed the second, and the Warriors had the ball and a chance to tie. But a Tyler Freas shot from just past midcourt missed the mark, giving the visiting Wildcats their first section win 66-63.       

Latrobe's JaTawn Williams led all scorers with 18, with Landon Butler adding 17 and Max Butler 13. Jason Sabol and Tyler Freas both had 17 for the Warriors. 

Latrobe (5-7, 1-3) will host section leader Gateway on 1/17. Penn-Trafford (2-11, 0-4) has a non-conference game at West York Area High School on 1/14, then travels to Kiski Area for a section matchup on 1/17. 

Boys Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Penn-Trafford 14 23 17 9 63
Greater Latrobe 13 26 18 9 66




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Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_6969Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_6969 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7002Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7002 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7011Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7011 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7023Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7023 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7041Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7041 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7053Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7053 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7070Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7070 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7093Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7093 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7139Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7139 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7145Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7145 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7164Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7164 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7193Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7193 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7245Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7245 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7252Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7252 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7312Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7312 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7335Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7335 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7472Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7472 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7524Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7524 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-WP1_4760Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-WP1_4760 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7587Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7587 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7609Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7609 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7617Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7617 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7638Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7638 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7662Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7662 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7702Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7702 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7723Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7723 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7790Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7790 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7849Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7849 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7879Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_7879 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8025Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8025 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8045Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8045 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8058Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8058 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8085Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8085 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8135Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8135 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8211Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8211 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8218Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-KR1_8218 Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-WP1_4818Boys Hoops_PT vs Latrobe_20230113-WP1_4818