Girls Soccer - Penn-Trafford vs Norwin

October 20, 2020

Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6233Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6233

Norwin Girls Blank Penn-Trafford 4-0 in Regular Season Finale

In recent years, whenever Penn-Trafford and Norwin girls soccer programs met at the end of the regular season, there was a good chance that the game's outcome would determine the section champion. That would not be the case this year, with Penn-Trafford already out of the running for the title and Norwin trailing Fox Chapel in the standings by a half game. But for these perennial rivals, the game on Tuesday, October 20 at Warrior Stadium in Harrison City was still the chance to settle a score. The teams had played to a 2-2 tie in their first meeting of the year at Norwin on September 26, so this regular season ending game would at least settle bragging rights for the Westmoreland County neighbors until next season.

Norwin got on the scoreboard just over 10 minutes into the game when senior Kennedy Soliday scored to break the ice.

Then it was junior Paloma Swankler who was upended as she went one-on-one with Warriors' goalkeeper Taylor Lloyd, but still managed to fire a shot into the empty cage for a 2-0 Norwin lead with 8:08 left in the first half.

The Lady Knights added their third goal early in the second half off the foot of junior Jenna McGuinness with 34:26 remaining in the game. 

Norwin closed out the scoring on a Halle Holtzman goal with 7:11 left to play, claiming the season's rubber match with a 4-0 win over the Lady Warriors. Elizabeth Waszkiewicz recorded the shutout guarding the net for the Lady Knights.

Both teams now await the announcement of WPIAL playoff pairings on Wednesday.   

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5352Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5352 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5386Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5386 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5389Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5389 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5425Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5425 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5497Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5497 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5516Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5516 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5558Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5558 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5587Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5587 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5613Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5613 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5636Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5636 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5668Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5668 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5676Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5676 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5679Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5679 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5712Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5712 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5727Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5727 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5780Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5780 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5870Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5870 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5947Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5947 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5951Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5951 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5969Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5969 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5972Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_5972 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6007Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6007 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6020Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6020 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6039Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6039 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6133Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6133 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6143Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6143 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6154Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6154 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6217Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6217 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6278Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6278 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6310Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6310 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6346Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6346 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6451Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6451 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6507Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6507 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6525Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6525 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6541Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6541 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6618Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6618 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6652Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6652 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6708Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6708 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6730Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6730 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6781Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6781 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6851Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6851 Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6960Girls Soccer_PT vs Norwin_20201020-KR1_6960