2021 WCCA Cross Country Championships

October 13, 2021

2021 WCCA XC_20211013-WP1_12832021 WCCA XC_20211013-WP1_1283 2021 WCCA XC_20211013-WP1_14342021 WCCA XC_20211013-WP1_1434

Greensburg Salem's Jacob Smith and Kiski Area's Eliza Miller Take Top Honors at 2021 WCCA Cross Country Championships

Senior Jacob Smith of Greensburg Salem paced the field in the boys event, and Kiski Area sophomore Eliza Miller led the girls, as the two earned gold medal finishes at the 2021 Westmoreland County Coaches Association cross country championships on Wednesday, October 13, at the Westmoreland County Community College course in Youngwood.   

Smith's time of 16:59.6 bested Ligonier Valley's Tucker Klotz's second place time of 17:05.5 and Jacob McGee of Penn-Trafford in third at 17:10.9. Charles Johnson of Greensburg Salem was fourth in 17:11.8 and Owen DeMatt of Hempfield Area fifth at 17:15.3.

The rest of the boys top 15 places receiving medals, in order of finish, were Nicolas Provenzo and teammate Andrew Moore of Franklin Regional, Aaron Tressler of Greensburg Salem, Noah Wilson of Norwin, Nick Szekely of GCC, Antonio Giordano of Kiski Area, August Lawrence of Greater Latrobe, TYler Miller and Antonio Tuttoilmondo of Hempfield Area, and Koen Fulton of Greater Latrobe.

In the girls race, Eliza Miller sprinted to the front from the opening gun and set a WCCA event record on the WCCC course with her time of 18:08.3. Chloe Bonson and Amelia Barilla of Penn-Trafford also cracked the top three with times of 19:18.3 and 19:31.5. Rounding out the top five were Emerson Skatell of Latrobe at 19:45.8 and defending champion Corinn Brewer of GCC with 20:03.5.

Also receiving medals for positions 6 through 15 were Jane Huss of Derry Area, Paityn Blakely of Franklin Regional, Lily Murphy of Hempfield, Lexie Planinsek of Greater Latrobe, Audra Fedor of Norwin, Cydney Blahovec of Hempfield, Lexi Ohler of Southmoreland, Clara Herr and Carley Berk of Greater Latrobe, and Norwin's Anna Defazio.

Norwin's Austin Hladek edged teammates Jeff Baker and Luke Weyandt for the top finish in the boys JV race, and Bailey Benedict of Norwin beat Hempfield's Noelle Dougherty and Milana Yannascoli to the finish line in the girls JV race. 

Team trophies went to the Hempfield Area boys and Greater Latrobe girls in the AAA schools classification. Greensburg Salem collected both the boys and girls trophies in the AA schools classification. The medals and trophies were presented by Natalie Bower Toman, a four-time WPIAL and WCCA champion and WPIAL Hall of Fame inductee.

Full results of all participants are available at the link directly below.   

Link to full event results courtesy of Gingerbreadtiming.com 

Western PA Sports Media has hundreds of on-course photos, featuring every runner who participated at this event. Watch these links for photos of all your favorite athletes, available late Thursday, for purchase or sharing. 

Medals and Trophies - Photos

Boys Varsity- Photos

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Boys and Girls JV - Photos

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