Football - Latrobe vs Penn-Trafford

October 29, 2021

Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0311Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0311

Penn-Trafford Breezes to Conference Title with 42-0 Win at Latrobe

Twelve seconds. That's all the time the Penn-Trafford Warriors needed to put the points on the board that clinched sole ownership of the Class 5A Big East Conference champion's trophy in their 42-0 win over the Latrobe Wildcats on Friday, October 29, at Latrobe's Memorial Stadium. 

Penn-Trafford got it done on the first play of the game as Jacob Otto ran the opening kickoff back 90 yards for a touchdown. Nathan Schlessinger booted the first of six extra points he would kick on the night, and the Warrior were up 7-0 before fans had a chance to sit down.

Latrobe went three-and-out on their first possession and punted to the Warriors, who took over on their own 35 yard line. Just over three minutes later the Warriors were in the endzone again as Cade Yacamelli carried it in from the 1 yard line to double their lead with 6:22 to play in the quarter. 

Latrobe tried to move the ball through the air but a Seth Dunlap interception of Latrobe quarterback Bobby Fetter set the Warriors up deep in Wildcats territory. Quarterback Carter Green called his own number 24 seconds later as he ran around left end to score, bumping the Warriors lead to 21-0 with 3:44 left on the first quarter clock.

Latrobe showed a spark on the final play of the first quarter when Brayden Reott tossed a pass to Chase Sickenberger on a 4th-and-19 from punt formation, setting them up at the Warriors 28 yard line to open the second quarter. 

Latrobe ran four plays but failed to make the first down marker and turned the ball back to the Warriors on their own 22 yard line. On the next play, Yacamelli took a direct snap and bullied his way through a gauntlet of Latrobe tacklers on a 78-yard run to the house, making it 28-0 with 9:13 left in the half.

Conlan Greene got his name in the scorebook when the took a direct snap and ran into the endzone from 6 yards away at 5:27 left in the half. 

The Warriors added one more in the final minute of the half, as Carter Green connected with Tommy Kalkstein for a 52-yard touchdown pass with 51 seconds on the clock. The half ended with Penn-Trafford on top 42-0. 

The second half was played under a mercy-ruled running clock. Warriors head coach John Ruane gave his backup players substantial time on the field, as Latrobe's seniors played out their final game in orange and black. The half ended as it began with Penn-Trafford on top 42-0, as the regular season came to a close for both teams.

Penn-Trafford (8-2, 5-0) awaits finding out their playoff seed and next opponent in the WPIAL Class 5A playoffs, which will be announced Saturday. Latrobe (3-7, 1-4) celebrated senior night on their final game of the season, having missed the WPIAL playoffs.         

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4322Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4322 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4337Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4337 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9132Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9132 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9136Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9136 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9149Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9149 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9166Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9166 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4356Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4356 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4364Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4364 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4379Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4379 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9185Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9185 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9206Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9206 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4414Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4414 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4416Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4416 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4451Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4451 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9240Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9240 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9292Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9292 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9310Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9310 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4491Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4491 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9376Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9376 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9394Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9394 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9476Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9476 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9485Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9485 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9535Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9535 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9587Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_9587 Football-Latrobe vs 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PT_20211029-KR1_0588Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0588 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0598Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0598 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0677Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0677 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4534Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-WP1_4534 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0686Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0686 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0700Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0700 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0721Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0721 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0727Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0727 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0794Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0794 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0820Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0820 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0826Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0826 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0840Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0840 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0861Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0861 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0886Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0886 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0899Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0899 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0909Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0909 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0962Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0962 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0985Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_0985 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1118Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1118 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1171Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1171 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1177Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1177 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1195Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1195 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1244Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1244 Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1283Football-Latrobe vs PT_20211029-KR1_1283 Football-Latrobe vs 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