Football - Jeannette vs GCC

October 22, 2021

Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_2533Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_2533

GCC Rains on Jeannette Senior Night, Beats Jayhawks 49-3

It was all set up for a fairytale ending. Jeannette football senior night, at retiring Jayhawks head coach Roy Hall's last home game, and with their long-time rival, Greensburg Central Catholic, in the house. Would the football gods smile on this trifecta of circumstances and power Jeannette to a win in this uncharacteristically challenging season? Not a chance. A wet, sloppy evening and plenty of sloppy football to go around would doom the Jayhawks as they lost to the Centurions 49-3 on Friday, October 22, at McKee Stadium in Jeannette.

The Jayhawks came out of the gate like the Jayhawks of old... fired up and taking names. After GCC won the coin toss and took the ball, Jeannette's Savion Harper and Lonnie Green planted Centurions' quarterback Tyree Turner on his wallet for a 9-yard loss on the first play from scrimmage. The Hawks forced GCC into a three-and-out, and things were looking up for Jeannette. 

But the Hawks failed to move the ball either after the GCC punt, and they had to punt it back to the Centurions when their offense sputtered. Then GCC got down to business.

Working from deep in their own territory, former Jayhawk now at GCC Jaydin Canady put the first points on the scoreboard when he rushed 90 yards for a touchdown with 6:24 remaining in the opening quarter. Senior Ryan Reitler booted the first of his perfect 6-for-6 extra points on the night, and the Centurions led 7-0.

The Centurions doubled their lead at 1:24 left in the quarter when Tyree Turner carried it in on a keeper from 11 yards out, after being set up in the red zone on a 35-yard run by Taishaun Jamison. 

With the score 14-0 as the second quarter began, Jeannette punted to GCC, but the punt was muffed and Jeannette's Ziere Petty recovered. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty put Jeannette in business inside the GCC 10 yard line. Following an incomplete pass in the end zone on third down, Jeannette's Tre Steele kicked a 23-yard field goal with 10:56 to go in the half, cutting the GCC lead to 14-3. 

GCC used the next 10 minutes to put the game on ice before the marching band hit the field for halftime. First it was Canady again, 46 yards up the sideline to the house with 8:46 on the clock. Then a Lloyd Tucker punt block for GCC with a Brayen Hill recovery set the table for Canady again, this time from 27 yards away at the 4:49 mark. 

Jeannette's next possession ended quickly as GCC recovered a Jayhawks fumble. Tyree Turner called his own number from 6 yards out to punch it in at 3:57 left in the half. 

GCC's final score of the half came on Canady's 72-yard punt return at 1:55 remaining in the half, sending the teams to the locker room with Jeannette trailing 42-3.

The second half was played under the mercy rule running clock. A Jeannette fumble early in the half set up the final points of the game. Turner carried it in from 3 yards out, and freshman Jacob Reitler added his name to the scorebook with the extra point kick.

A scoreless fourth quarter made the final score Greensburg Central Catholic 49, Jeannette 3. It was 12 years since the Centurions last won at McKee Stadium. 

Jeannette head football coach Roy Hall, winner of WPIAL and PIAA championships at the helm of the Jayhawks, was recognized several times throughout the evening as he coached his final home game in McKee Stadium. Coach Hall announced prior to the season that this would be his last, as he retires from several decades of coaching at Jeannette.

Jeannette (1-8, 1-5) ends the season next Friday with a road trip to Clairton. GCC (6-3, 4-2) clinched a playoff spot with the win over Jeannette. They will host Leechburg in their regular season finale next Friday.    

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

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GCC_20211022-WP1_3286Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3286 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3290Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3290 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3293Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3293 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3317Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3317 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3346Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3346 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3388Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3388 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3419Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3419 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7155Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7155 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3462Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3462 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3480Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3480 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3510Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3510 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3533Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3533 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3540Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3540 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3562Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3562 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3616Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3616 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3641Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3641 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3670Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3670 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3741Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3741 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7188Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7188 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3783Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3783 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3806Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3806 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7196Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7196 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7209Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7209 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7261Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7261 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7287Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7287 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3830Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-WP1_3830 Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7311Football-Jeannette vs GCC_20211022-KR1_7311