Boys Basketball - GCC vs Jeannette

February 05, 2021

Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR5_3205Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR5_3205

Second Half Surge Drives GCC to 65-59 Win over Jeannette

Even in a season where change and uncertainty has become the norm, one thing remains unchanged. When Greensburg Central Catholic and Jeannette meet up on the gridiron, the hardwood, or the diamond, you can bet that the long time rivals are going to give it their all for bragging rights and the glory of their alma mater. No exceptions for a Covid plagued season.

Such was the case when the Centurions and the Jayhawks met on Friday, February 5, in Carbon to determine first place in the Class 2A Section 3 standings. GCC's Ryan Appleby set the tone of the game when he drained the game's first shot, a 3-pointer, only 15 seconds after the opening tipoff. What followed was a back-and-forth, fast paced, high scoring quarter of basketball that was as good as it gets. When the horn sounded to end the quarter, Jeannette held a 21-20 lead and the teams had combined to make seven 3-point shots. Jeannette's Toby Cline was already in double figures with 10.

The pace slowed slightly in the second quarter as Jeannette extended their margin to 8, outscoring the Centurions 15-8, and they took a 36-28 lead into halftime.

Once the teams switched ends of the court, it was the Centurions turn to shoot at the hot bucket. GCC slowly chipped away at the Jayhawks margin in the third quarter, cutting their deficit to two points, as they scored 16 versus 10 for Jeannette, and the third quarter ended with GCC trailing 46-44.

GCC found their opening quarter magic again in the final quarter, scoring 21 points, including a perfect 8-for-8 from the foul line, while holding Jeannette the to only 13 points, and securing a hard fought 65-59 victory.

The Centurions had four players in double figures, led by Christian McGowan with 19. Dylan Sebek had 12, Brevan Williams 11, and Dylan Parsons 10. Sebek, Parsons, and Ryan Appleby each had a pair of 3-pointers, while McGowan added one from behind the arc.

Jeannette was led by Toby Cline's 25 point effort, followed by James Sanders with 17. Sanders scored five of Jeannette's ten 3-pointers, including at least one in each quarter. Cline hit on four from the 3-point mark, with Keith Rockmore also scoring one in the first quarter. The two teams finished with a combined 17 buckets from 3-point territory.  

GCC (9-1, 6-1) stands alone at the top of Section 3, with their single loss coming earlier in the season to Jeannette. Following a Saturday non-conference home game with Berlin Brothersvalley, the Centurions will host Clairton in a conference game on 2/8. Jeannette (7-3, 4-2) slipped into a second place tie with Winchester Thurston, who they'll face at home on 2/9.   

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9269Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9269 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9280Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9280 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9325Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9325 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9365Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9365 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9377Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9377 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9381Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9381 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9382Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9382 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9395Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9395 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9406Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9406 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9422Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9422 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9436Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9436 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9446Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9446 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9449Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9449 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9452Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9452 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9458Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9458 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9465Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9465 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9480Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9480 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9491Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9491 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9501Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9501 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9517Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9517 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9528Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9528 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9539Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9539 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9548Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9548 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9588Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9588 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9600Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9600 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9611Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9611 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9623Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9623 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9674Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9674 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9679Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9679 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9704Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9704 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9709Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9709 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9725Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9725 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9756Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9756 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9782Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9782 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9792Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9792 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9810Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9810 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9821Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9821 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9832Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9832 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9837Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9837 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9848Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9848 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9858Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9858 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9865Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9865 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9909Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9909 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9920Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9920 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9927Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9927 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9941Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9941 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9954Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9954 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9971Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9971 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9983Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9983 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9993Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_9993 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0006Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0006 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0013Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0013 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0030Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0030 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0040Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0040 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0081Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0081 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0101Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0101 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0110Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0110 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0126Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0126 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0154Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0154 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0175Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0175 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0189Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0189 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0197Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0197 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0240Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0240 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0245Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0245 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0301Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0301 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0310Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0310 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0323Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR1_0323 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR5_3182Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR5_3182 Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR5_3192Boys Hoops-GCC vs Jeannette_20210205-KR5_3192