Football - Latrobe vs Derry

August 27, 2021

Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3500Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3500

Latrobe Routs Rival Derry 61-0 in Week Zero Opener

Neighboring rivals Greater Latrobe and Derry Area didn't get to play each other last football season. Scheduling adjustments due to Covid-19 wiped out their season opening rivalry game. But the Wildcats picked up right where they left off in 2019, a game that ended a three-game losing streak in shocking the WPIAL semifinalist Trojans 20-14 at Derry in the Week Zero opener. And Latrobe made it clear early that 2019 was no fluke as they pounded Derry 61-0 in the non-conference matchup at Latrobe's Memorial Stadium on a hot August 27 evening. 

An energetic crowd enjoyed the first football many of them have attended in two years after last season's crowds were severely restricted for most of the season due to the pandemic. They had barely settled into their seats when Latrobe found the endzone as quarterback Bobby Fetter called his own number and scampered 50 yards to cap a 3-play, 80-yard drive only 43 seconds into the opening quarter. Tanner Popella booted the first of many PAT kicks he would make on the evening and Latrobe led 7-0.

After Derry went three-and-out on their opening possession, the Wildcats used a 21-yard Fetter run and a Chase Sickenberger pass reception to the 4 yard line to set up Kyle Brewer's run around the left side for the touchdown. A botched PAT had Latrobe leading 13-0 at the 7:32 mark of the first quarter. 

When Derry's next drive stalled and forced the Trojans to punt, Brewer struck again, returning the punt 79 yards to the house, as Popella tacked on the PAT for a 20-0 lead at 5:32 on the clock. They continued pouring on the points as a Wildcats interception at 4:24 led to a Corey Boerio 43-yard touchdown catch 9 seconds later. The Cats used a fake PAT kick alignment to execute a Marco Mongelluzzo to Boerio 2-point conversion pass and bump up the score to 28-0. Derry caught a break in the final minute of the quarter when a Kyle Brewer punt return touchdown was called back on a roughing the punter infraction. 

But the reprieve was short lived for the Trojans as the second quarter started. After turning the ball over to Latrobe on downs, Drake Clayton took a handoff and trotted 79 yards for a touchdown, and Popella split the uprights with the PAT. Derry's next possession ended in a punt, after which Brewer ran 50 yards in a one-play drive to make it 42-0 after Popella's kick. Two minutes later it was Dominic Flenniken with a 13-yard touchdown run, and Popella's kick gave Latrobe the 49-0 lead that they would take into the locker room at halftime. 

Following a 90-minute opening half, the second half clock would elapse much faster as the half was played under the running clock mercy rule. Freshman Alex Tatsch rushed for the next Latrobe touchdown at around the four minute mark of the fourth quarter, but a two-point conversion run came up short, making it 55-0. 

Derry, down to 8 seconds on the running 4th quarter clock, called a timeout to set up one final offensive play. A quick toss to the right from quarterback Blake Revoir to running back Nate Barkley, who attempted to throw back to Revoir running on the left side, was picked off by a leaping Ja'Tawn Williams who ran untouched for a pick-six that ended the game at 61-0.

Next up for Latrobe (1-0) is a road trip to Class 6A Norwin next Friday, while Derry Area (0-1) will host Mount Pleasant.

Follow this link for a full gallery of over 300 high-resolution action photos from this game, available for purchase. 

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Derry_20210827-KR1_1598 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1629Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1629 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1716Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1716 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1754Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1754 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1762Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1762 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1800Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1800 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1812Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1812 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1845Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1845 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1855Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1855 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1866Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1866 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1895Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1895 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1899Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1899 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1912Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1912 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1956Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1956 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1973Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_1973 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2073Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2073 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2171Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2171 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2180Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2180 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2187Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2187 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2254Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2254 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2263Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2263 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2349Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2349 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2368Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2368 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-WP1_8829Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-WP1_8829 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2549Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2549 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2556Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2556 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2572Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2572 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2630Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2630 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2649Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2649 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2657Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2657 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2662Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2662 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2699Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2699 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2784Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2784 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2794Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2794 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2801Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2801 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2817Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2817 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2824Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2824 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2829Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2829 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2844Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2844 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2854Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2854 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2873Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2873 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2887Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2887 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2986Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_2986 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3039Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3039 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3054Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3054 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3080Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3080 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3084Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3084 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3141Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3141 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3157Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3157 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3169Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3169 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3185Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3185 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3248Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3248 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3269Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3269 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3357Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3357 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3388Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3388 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3425Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3425 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3429Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3429 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3470Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-KR1_3470 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-WP1_8913Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-WP1_8913 Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-WP1_8922Football-Latrobe vs Derry_20210827-WP1_8922