Boys Lacrosse - Norwin vs Penn-Trafford

May 13, 2021

Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5366Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5366

Huge Second Quarter Propels Norwin Boys Lacrosse in 20-7 Win Over Penn-Trafford

A tightly contested opening quarter led to a blowout in the second as Norwin clobbered Penn-Trafford 20-7 in a boys lacrosse game on Thursday, May 13, at Norwin Knights Stadium on North Huntingdon.

Penn-Trafford got on the board first in the opening quarter in which the two teams alternated goals for most of the quarter. Norwin scored the last two of the quarter to leapfrog the visiting Warriors 5-4 after one frame. Penn-Trafford's first two goals came from the stick of Carter Green, followed by Bennett Dupilka and Logan Stover with one each. Norwin's goals were by Joseph Rush, Cameron Masten, Braden Petrarco, Ryan Frankovic, and Nick Condrasky with one each. 

Penn-Trafford brought the score back to even at 5-5 only 72 seconds into the second quarter on Carter Green's third goal of the night. Given how closely the teams had played the opening 16 minutes, nobody would have predicted what happened next. Green's hat trick goal was the last time the Warriors would hit the twine in the Knights goal for the next twelve minutes.

Meanwhile, the Knights went on a scoring rampage that blasted them in the lead for good. A Cameron Masten goal at 7:31 to play in the second quarter launched Masten into a 6-goals-within-2-minutes performance that put the Knights on top 11-5 with 5:31 left until halftime. Continuing on the theme of rapid fire scoring, Ryan Frankovic put three more into the Warrior's net, all within a 58 seconds span of the clock. Halftime mercifully gave the Warriors a chance to regroup, facing a 14-5 deficit when play resumed. 

Masten opened the second half scoring for the Knights with his 8th goal of the game 31 seconds into the quarter. Bennett Dupilka answered soon after with one for Penn-Trafford, but it was the only Warriors goal of the quarter. Garrett Craze added another goal for Norwin before the third quarter ended with the Knights on top 16-6.

Norwin's Joseph Rush took the fourth quarter faceoff the length of the field to score his second of the game with only 7 seconds elapsed from the clock. When Cameron Masten blasted his final goal of the game into the net with 10:23 remaining in the game, it gave Norwin an 18-6 advantage and triggered a running clock for the rest of the game. The Knights added two more as William Franks and Griffin Bartos also put their names in the scoring column. A late goal for the Warriors ended the scoring with Norwin claiming the 20-7 win and bragging rights over their close rival.

When all was done, Cameron Masten had tallied 9 goals for the Knights, and teammate Ryan Frankovic claimed 4 of his own. Penn-Trafford was led by Carter Green with 3 and Bennett Dupilka with a pair. 

Kyle Gill started in goal for Norwin and played late into the third quarter before being relieved by Yukon Ebbit. Nicholas Chesky had net minding duties for the Warriors. 

Both teams will be in action next Tuesday in the first round of the WPIAL playoffs. Norwin will travel to Peters Township while Penn-Trafford goes on the road to face Pine-Richland.     

Click this link for a full gallery of over 250 action photos from this game, available for purchase or social media sharing. 

Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4815Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4815 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4836Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4836 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4856Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4856 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4881Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4881 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4960Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4960 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4993Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_4993 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5020Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5020 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5036Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5036 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5038Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5038 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5049Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5049 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5053Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5053 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5072Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5072 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5117Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5117 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5136Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5136 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5201Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5201 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5291Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5291 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5392Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5392 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5518Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5518 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5532Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5532 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5579Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5579 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5628Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5628 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5673Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5673 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5795Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5795 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5914Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5914 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5966Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_5966 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6013Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6013 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6075Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6075 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6078Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6078 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6192Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6192 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6450Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6450 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6496Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6496 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6553Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6553 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6653Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6653 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6684Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6684 Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6697Boys LAX-Norwin vs PT_20210513-WP1_6697