2022 WCCA Diving Championships

January 28, 2022

WCCA Diving_20220128-KR5_8881WCCA Diving_20220128-KR5_8881 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR5_8889WCCA Diving_20220128-KR5_8889

Greater Latrobe's Hannah Polosky and Ligonier Valley's Nick Roddy Win Gold at WCCA Diving Championships

Following a one year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Westmoreland County Coaches Association Swimming and Diving Championships are back. The diving portion of the competition was held Friday, January 28 at Derry Area High School with 15 divers participating and six schools represented.

Greater Latrobe's Hannah Polosky was crowned the girls champion with a winning score of 446.40. Kayce Tomasic of Hempfield Area was second and Latrobe's Quinlin Mulroy finished third.

In the boys event, defending champion Nick Roddy of Ligonier Valley finished first with a winning score of 455.60, easily outperforming his 2020 winning score of 418.90. Jake Hauser of Derry Area was second and Tanner Popella of Greater Latrobe finished third.   

A list of all medalists, as well as select photos from the event are shown below. Our full gallery of all photos from the diving competition will be posted Sunday at the link below.  

The meet continues Saturday at 10 AM with the swimming portion of the championships. We'll have photos and full results online Saturday evening, after the conclusion of the meet.

Girls Medalists

1st place - Hannah Polosky, Greater Latrobe - 446.40

2nd place - Kayce Tomasic, Hempfield Area - 351.80

3rd place - Quinlin Mulroy, Greater Latrobe - 301.70

4th place - Bella Vanek, Hempfield Area - 300.10

5th place - Emily Rose, Franklin Regional - 297.85

6th place - Paige Richter, Mount Pleasant - 292.30

Boys Medalists

1st place - Nick Roddy, Ligonier Valley - 455.60

2nd place - Jake Hauser, Derry Area - 321.85

3rd place - Tanner Popella, Greater Latrobe - 274.15

4th place - Gino Piraino, Franklin Regional - 228.60

5th place - Tanner Collins, Hempfield Area - 221.45

6th place - Mac Miller, Franklin Regional - 213.70

Watch this link Sunday for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing. 

WCCA Diving_20220128-WP1_7048WCCA Diving_20220128-WP1_7048 WCCA Diving_20220128-WP1_7075WCCA Diving_20220128-WP1_7075 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4529WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4529 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4576WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4576 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4686WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4686 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4804WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4804 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4821WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4821 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4865WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4865 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4898WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_4898 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-4819WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-4819 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-4943WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-4943 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5031WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5031 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-5389WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-5389 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5209WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5209 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-5457WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-5457 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6013WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6013 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6037WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6037 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6226WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6226 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6263WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6263 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5555WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5555 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5601WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5601 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5624WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5624 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5662WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5662 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6570WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6570 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5747WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_5747 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6994WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-6994 WCCA Diving_20220128-WP1_7087WCCA Diving_20220128-WP1_7087 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7016WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7016 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7148WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7148 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7262WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7262 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7320WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7320 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7715WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7715 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7864WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-7864 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_6692WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_6692 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-8047WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-8047 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_6781WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_6781 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7109WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7109 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7176WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7176 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9147WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9147 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9345WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9345 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7400WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7400 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9662WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9662 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9695WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9695 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9741WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9741 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7583WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7583 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7600WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7600 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9851WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-9851 WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-0051WCCA Diving_20220128-BR9-0051 WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7815WCCA Diving_20220128-KR1_7815