2022 WCCA Cross Country Championships

October 12, 2022

2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_91432022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9143 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_92742022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9274

Kiski Area's Sam Plazio and Eliza Miller Win 2022 WCCA Cross Country Championships

It was a gold medal day for Kiski Area, as the Cavaliers' long distance runners grabbed top finishes in both the boys and girls races at the 2022 Westmoreland County Coaches Association Cross Country Championships on Wednesday, October 12, on the course at the WCCC Youngwood campus. 

Kiski Area freshman Sam Plazio won the boys race with a time of 16:42.5, beating Hempfield Area's Antonio Tuttoilmondo by just over 8 seconds. August Lawrence of Greater Latrobe was third, Greensburg Salem's Aaron Tressler fourth, and Hempfield’s Owen DeMatt crossed in fifth. 

In the girls race, the Cavaliers' Eliza Miller defended her 2021 title, finishing in 18:19.4, beating Penn Trafford's Amelia Barilla to the line by 15.1 seconds. Third place went to Emerson Skatell of Greater Latrobe, fourth to Annie Czajkowski of Norwin, and fifth to Cydney Blahovec of Hempfield.

In the team competition, Hempfield topped Norwin for the boys 3A title, with Kiski Area claiming the trophy in Class 2A. Norwin edged Hempfield for the girls 3A title, with Derry Area winning the trophy in Class 2A.

Full results for all runners and teams, including results of the Junior Varsity races, can be viewed at this link, courtesy of the timing and scoring experts at Gingerbreadmanrunning.com.  

Follow this link to our galleries of hundreds action photos from this event, available for purchase or sharing. We have photos of every runner who participated

2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_54882022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5488 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_54932022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5493 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_55192022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5519 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_55592022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5559 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_55712022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5571 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_55752022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5575 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_55952022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5595 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_56192022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5619 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_56722022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5672 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_57132022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5713 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_57502022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5750 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_58632022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5863 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_58922022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5892 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59192022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5919 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59312022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5931 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59392022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5939 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59502022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5950 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59682022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5968 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59722022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5972 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59772022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5977 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59842022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5984 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_59972022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_5997 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_65442022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6544 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66032022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6603 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66222022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6622 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66332022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6633 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66402022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6640 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66512022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6651 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66562022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6656 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_66652022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6665 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_67002022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6700 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_67222022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6722 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_67502022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6750 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_68312022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6831 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_69952022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_6995 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_70612022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7061 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_70942022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7094 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_71182022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7118 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_71292022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7129 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_71592022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7159 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_71742022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7174 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_71882022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7188 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_71952022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7195 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_72082022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7208 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_72202022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7220 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_72322022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7232 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_72392022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7239 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_78702022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7870 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_79412022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7941 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_79502022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7950 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_79592022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7959 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_79662022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_7966 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_80602022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8060 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_80752022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8075 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_80952022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8095 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_80972022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8097 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_81192022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8119 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_81312022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8131 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_81672022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8167 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_81822022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8182 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_82002022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8200 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_82462022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8246 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_82652022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8265 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_83272022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8327 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_83392022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8339 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_83652022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8365 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_83792022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8379 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_83842022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8384 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_83882022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8388 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_85032022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8503 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_85172022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8517 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_85752022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8575 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_86012022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8601 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_86082022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_8608 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_62462022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_6246 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_62532022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_6253 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_63922022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_6392 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_90932022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9093 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_91272022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9127 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_91572022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9157 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_91892022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9189 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_92002022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9200 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_92262022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9226 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_64602022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_6460 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_65652022 WCCA XC_20221012-WP1_6565 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_92452022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9245 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_92572022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9257 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_92832022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9283 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_93032022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9303 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_93132022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9313 2022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_93322022 WCCA XC_20221012-KR1_9332