Football - Norwin vs Franklin Regional

October 08, 2022

Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3729Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3729

Franklin Regional Crashes Norwin Homecoming with 35-0 Thumping 

It wasn't a masterpiece work of art for Franklin Regional. But at the end of the night, the Panthers painted their way to a convincing win as they thumped host Norwin 35-0 on Friday, October 7, on Homecoming Night at Norwin Knights Stadium in North Huntingdon. 

Franklin Regional won the toss and deferred, giving the Knights offense the first crack at the ball. After picking up a first down, the Knights punted on 4th-and-4, setting the Panthers up at their own 30. But Franklin Regional mishandled a snap out of the shotgun on third down, and the resulting loss set up a 4th-and 29, forcing the Panthers to punt back to the Knights. 

Franklin Regional capitalized on a mistake on Norwin's next possession when Ayden Hudock intercepted a Nicholas Urey pass and set the Panthers up in good field position. The Panthers worked the ball down to the 23 yard line, where Zach Bewszka carried into the end zone for the game's first points. Joey Bayne's PAT made the score 7-0 at 2:57 of the first.

Only 97 seconds later, with Norwin operating from their own 18, Hudock grabbed his second pick, on a pass by Luke Denny, returning this one to the house untouched for a double digit Franklin Regional lead. A penalty on the PAT kick forced a redo from long range, and Bayne missed on the second go around. Franklin Regional led 13-0 with 1:20 remaining in the opening quarter.

Norwin punted two plays into the second quarter, but got the ball back quickly when they recovered a Roman Sarnic fumble at midfield. The two teams then exchanged unproductive possessions with punts, and Norwin went to work on offense again. 

Norwin put Jackson Pons into their backfield and he ignited a spark for the Knights, hitting Stephen Rodgers with a 29-yard pass to the 7 yard line. Then Norwin appeared to get on the scoreboard, but Denny's 7-yard run that ended with him diving to the pylon was called back on a holding penalty. Norwin lost ground on the ensuing plays of the series, and Joey Castle's 40-yard field goal attempt on fourth down failed when it hit the crossbar.

Bewszka moved the Panthers to the Norwin 30 with a 39-yard run in the final two minutes of the half. But the Knights caught Sarnic for sacks a couple of times, setting up Franklin Regional with 3rd-and-25 from the 35 with 7 ticks left on the second quarter clock. Sarnic's pass into the end zone ended the half when Pons snatched it out of the air for an interception.

Following a halftime performance by the Franklin Regional marching band, Norwin crowned Jocelyn Boyd as Homecoming Queen and Mike Mihalov as Homecoming King.

Any hope that the Knights had as the third quarter opened faded quickly as Bewska took a pass 68 yards to the end zone on the second play from scrimmage. Bayne booted the PAT to make it 20-0 for the Panthers. 

Starting from their own 20 following the kickoff, Pons appeared to gain good yardage but fumbled the ball to the Panthers on the Norwin 44 after possessing the ball for only 10 seconds. Sarnic made them pay for the error on the next play, hitting Hudock deep for a 44-yard touchdown pass to make it 27-0 with Bayne's kick. 

Sarnic connected with Hudock for points one more time in the fourth quarter as they hooked up for 45 yards with 9:37 left to play. A Sarnic to Bewszka 2-point conversion pass bumped the Franklin Regional lead to 35-0 and triggered the mercy rule running clock for the remainder of the game. Starters were pulled from the game and Norwin never seriously threatened as the game ended with Franklin Regional recording the 35-0 victory. 

Next up for Franklin Regional (4-2, 3-0), who sits alone atop the Class 5A Big East Conference standings, is a home game with Class 5A newcomer Hempfield Area. Norwin (1-6, 0-3) faces Class 6A powerhouse North Allegheny in a non-conference game at home.

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

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FR_20221007-KR1_1590Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1590 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1649Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1649 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1674Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1674 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1763Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1763 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1801Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1801 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1847Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1847 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1855Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1855 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1871Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1871 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1898Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1898 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1916Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1916 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1986Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_1986 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2026Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2026 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2072Football_Norwin vs 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FR_20221007-KR1_2471Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2471 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2548Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2548 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2585Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2585 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2593Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2593 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2601Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2601 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2606Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2606 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2633Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2633 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2638Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2638 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2649Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2649 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2673Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2673 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2691Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2691 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2720Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2720 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2733Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2733 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2750Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2750 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2774Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2774 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2787Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2787 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2806Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2806 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2821Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2821 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2862Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2862 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2868Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2868 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2918Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2918 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2929Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2929 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2930Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2930 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2932Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2932 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2933Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2933 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2934Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2934 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2935Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2935 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2937Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2937 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_5977Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_5977 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2939Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2939 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2949Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2949 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2956Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2956 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2993Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_2993 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3014Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3014 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3034Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3034 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3069Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3069 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3100Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3100 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3184Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3184 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3217Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3217 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3242Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3242 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3267Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3267 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3283Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3283 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3310Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3310 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3357Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3357 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3381Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3381 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3411Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3411 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3488Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3488 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3502Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3502 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6026Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6026 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3529Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3529 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3535Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3535 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3568Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3568 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3592Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3592 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3630Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3630 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3649Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3649 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3670Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3670 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3704Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3704 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3729Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3729 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3745Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3745 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3762Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3762 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3881Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3881 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3916Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3916 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3923Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3923 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3930Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3930 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3965Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3965 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3998Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-KR1_3998 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6099Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6099 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6151Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6151 Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6179Football_Norwin vs FR_20221007-WP1_6179