Football - Greensburg Central Catholic vs Leechburg

October 29, 2022

Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1270Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1270

GCC Claims Conference Title with 48-21 Win over Leechburg

Greensburg Central Catholic, already qualified for the WPIAL playoffs, put the cherry on top of a breakout season by beating Leechburg 48-21 on Friday, October 28, in front of an enthusiastic home crowd in Carbon. 

The win capped a 6-0 run through the Class A Eastern Conference schedule for the Centurions, where their closest margin of victory was a 16-point win over second place finisher Clairton. Leechburg and Clairton entered the game with a chance of a three-way share of the conference title with GCC, but the Centurions' win over the Blue Devils give them the outright champion's trophy. 

Leechburg took the opening kickoff and failed to convert, but their punt to the Centurions pinned GCC on the two yard line. A false start moved GCC back to the one, and while operating from a backfield in the end zone, running back Da’sjon Craggette lost his footing on the natural grass surface and his knee touched for a safety.

Down 2-0, the Centurions were forced to kick off to the Blue Devils from their own 20 yard line. Leechburg capitalized on good field position with a 4-minute scoring drive that ended with quarterback Jayden Floyd scoring on a 2-yard keeper around the left end. Ryan Shaw booted the extra point and the Blue Devils had a 9-0 lead with 5:28 left in the opening quarter. 

Forty-five seconds later, Craggette had no problems with traction as he carried a 2nd-and-13 handoff 64 yards to the end zone for the Centurions first points. Jacob Reitler added the first of his six extra point kicks of the evening and GCC trailed 9-7 with 4:43 to play in the first. 

Leechburg went to the air on their next possession, but it was GCC's Jaydin Canady who was on the receiving end of Floyd's pass. The Centurions were quick to take advantage of the turnover, as quarterback Tyree Turner threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Samir Crosby with 3:12 on the clock, and suddenly it was 14-9, advantage Centurions. 

The teams then exchanged turnovers, with Craggette intercepting Floyd's downfield pass, followed by Leechburg's Tyler Foley stripping the ball from Canady at the end of a long run.  

Shortly after the teams switched sides to start the second quarter, Tyree Turner hit Nate Dlugos for a highlight-reel catch down the left sideline. Dlugos tipped the ball to himself, secured it in stride, and took defender Owen McDermott with him to the pylon for the 64-yard score. Reitler's kick made it 21-9 with 10:11 to play in the half. 

GCC held the Blue Devils from advancing again, then sent Canady 31 yards to the left corner of the end zone for the touchdown that put them on top 28-9. The Centurions added another before halftime when Craggette ran it in from 5 yards out at the 3:14 mark, making it 35-9 at the intermission.

Following a halftime performance by the Leechburg marching band, the Blue Devils got one back when Logan Kline caught a 15-yard pass from Floyd in the end zone. The extra point kick failed, and Leechburg trailed 35-15 with 4:25 on the third quarter clock. 

GCC extended their lead to 42-15 at 7:07 of the fourth quarter with Amari Mack's 35-yard run to the house. But Leechburg answered with a quick scoring drive capped by Tim Andrasy's 9-yard touchdown run. A failed two-point conversion attempt put the score at 42-21 with 6:46 left in the game. 

A minute later, the Centurions closed out the scoring with one more touchdown from Mack on an 80-yard run. The extra point kick failed and the Centurions were able to celebrate as undisputed champions of the Eastern Conference with their 48-21 victory. 

GCC (8-2, 6-0) can expect a home playoff game, likely at a local school with a turf field, against an opponent to be named when the WPIAL announces playoff pairings on Saturday. Leechburg (7-3, 4-2) also awaits to see their playoff opponent as the third place team in the conference.

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0347Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0347 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0375Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0375 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8069Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8069 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8115Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8115 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8206Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8206 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8215Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8215 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8263Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8263 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0496Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0496 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8282Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8282 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8333Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8333 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8353Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8353 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8366Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8366 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0560Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0560 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8482Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8482 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8506Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8506 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8521Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8521 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0712Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0712 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8642Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8642 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0716Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0716 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0718Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0718 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0725Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0725 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0753Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0753 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0763Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0763 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0776Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0776 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8707Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8707 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8731Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8731 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8786Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8786 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8881Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_8881 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9175Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9175 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9223Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9223 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9239Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9239 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9250Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9250 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9269Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9269 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9300Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9300 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9321Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9321 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9346Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9346 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9362Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9362 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9386Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9386 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0858Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0858 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0870Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_0870 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9419Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9419 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9532Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9532 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9556Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9556 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9662Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9662 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9720Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9720 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9794Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9794 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9818Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9818 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9980Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_9980 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0024Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0024 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0034Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0034 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1000Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1000 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0108Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0108 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0161Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0161 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0260Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0260 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0275Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0275 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0310Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0310 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0385Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-KR1_0385 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1152Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1152 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1185Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1185 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1227Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1227 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1270Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1270 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1283Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1283 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1300Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1300 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1336Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1336 Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1340Football_GCC vs Leechburg_20221028-WP1_1340