WCCA Boys Basketball Showcase

December 11, 2022

Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1084Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1084

2022 WCCA Boys Basketball Showcase

The Westmoreland County Coaches Association held their Boys Basketball Showcase on Saturday, December 10, 2022. A total of 8 games were played among 16 Westmoreland County teams, with four games played at Hempfield Area and four games at Jeannette. Results of all games are shown below, with a selection of photos from some of the action at Jeannette. 

Results from Hempfield Area HS


Southmoreland 83, Derry Area 80

Southmoreland - Ty Keffer 45 points 

Derry Area - Nate Papuga 28, Ethan Frye 18, Gabe Carbonara 15, Brady Angus 14.


Monessen 55, Burrell 53

Monessen - Lorenzo Gardner 17, Jaisean Blackman 12, Dante DeFelices 10

Burrell - Macky Bennis 26, Travis Bitar 10


Hempfield Area 63, Ligonier Valley 46

Hempfield - Harrison Sowers 22, Caden Biondi 12

Ligonier Valley - Parker Hollick 20


Kiski Area 90, Belle Vernon 59

Kiski Area - Noah Thimons 22, Terry Martin 15, Dom Dininno 11, Isaiah Gonzalez 11, Jason Flemm 11

Belle Vernon - Zion Moore 33, Trevor Kovatch 16

Results from Jeannette HS


Valley 32, Mt. Pleasant 18


Greater Latrobe 73, Greensburg Central Catholic 70

Latrobe - Max Butler 25 , Landon Butler 18, John Wetzel 16

GCC - Franco Alvarez 26, Tyree Turner 23



Jeannette 51, Greensburg Salem 39

Jeannette - Giovanni Merola 16, Isaiah Mallich 13, Kymone Brown 10

Greensburg Salem - Luke Rullo 10



Norwin 48, Yough 40

Norwin - Adam Bilinsky 17, Justin Weaver 13, Collin Gunzburger 11

Yough - Terek Crosby 20


Prior to the Latrobe vs. GCC game, Latrobe senior Landon Butler was recognized as MVP of the Tre Cunningham Memorial Basketball Tournament, which was held over the summer at Jeannette. Butler will receive the Jeannette Educational Foundation Tre Cunningham Scholarship, and he met at center court with Tre's parents, Tracy and Steve.

Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2242Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2242 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2255Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2255 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2262Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2262 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1145Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1145 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1227Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1227 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1302Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1302 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1336Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1336 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1375Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1375 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1458Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1458 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1469Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1469 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1486Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1486 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1574Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1574 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2298Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2298 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1611Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1611 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1724Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1724 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1786Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1786 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1806Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1806 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1835Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1835 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1912Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1912 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1929Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-KR1_1929 Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2324Boys Hoops_GCC vs Latrobe_20221210-WP1_2324 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_1992Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_1992 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2017Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2017 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2024Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2024 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2030Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2030 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2059Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2059 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2090Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2090 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2100Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2100 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2112Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2112 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2128Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2128 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2152Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2152 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2229Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2229 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2245Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2245 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2255Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2255 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2296Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2296 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2308Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2308 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2322Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2322 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2416Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2416 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-WP1_2395Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-WP1_2395 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2456Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2456 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2516Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2516 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2666Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2666 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-WP1_2414Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-WP1_2414 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2758Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-KR1_2758 Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-WP1_2465Boys Hoops_Jeannette vs GS_20221210-WP1_2465 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2814Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2814 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2831Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2831 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2858Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2858 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2922Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2922 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2941Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_2941 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3104Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3104 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3107Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3107 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3122Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3122 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3163Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3163 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3252Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3252 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3315Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3315 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3374Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3374 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3397Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3397 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3428Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3428 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3442Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-KR1_3442 Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-WP1_2552Boys Hoops_Norwin vs Yough_20221210-WP1_2552