Boys Basketball - Greensburg Salem vs Derry Area

December 16, 2022

Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6574Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6574

Derry Area Boys Hold Off Greensburg Salem Surge for 81-68 Win 

Derry Area opened a 21-point halftime lead, then held off a strong second-half comeback effort by Greensburg Salem, to notch an 81-68 non-conference win on Thursday, December 15, at Greensburg Salem. 

After opening a 17-11 first quarter lead, the Trojans filled the rim in the second. Derry scored 29 points to Greensburg Salem's 14 to take a commanding 46-15 before the rubber ducks hit the floor at halftime. Derry was aided by six 3-pointers, including 3 by Ethan Frye, who had 18 in the first half, 15 of which came in the second quarter. 

But if Derry owned the first half, Greensburg Salem could certainly claim the second. The Golden Lions chipped away at the deficit, outscoring the Trojans 19-16 in the third as their offense started to click and their defense turned up the heat. Trailing 62-44 with 8 minutes left to play, Greensburg Salem pressured the Trojans with a trapping defense, forcing numerous steals and turnovers off inbounds plays, and converting those opportunities into points. Braedon Leatherman scored 13 and Cody Rubrecht added 9 in the second half to lead the Lions effort.    

Greensburg Salem closed to within 5 points at 71-66 with 2:30 to play, but Derry got 5 points in the next minute to end the Lions comeback. The Trojans outscored the Lions 10-2 over the final 1:45 to claim the 81-68 victory. Derry shot 10-for-12 from the free throw line in the second half, while Greensburg Salem was 5-for-9 in the half and 7-for-16 in the game. 

Derry's Ethan Frye and Gabe Carbonara shared game-high honors with 23 points each. Nathan Papuga added 13 and John Wasnick 11 for the Trojans. 

Greensburg Salem also had four players in double figures, led by Julian Stevens and Braedon Leatherman with 15 each. Ryan Burkardt had 12 and Luke Rullo chipped in with 11.  

Derry (4-3) returns to action on 12/20 when they open section play at Deer Lakes. Greensburg Salem (1-4) gets back in action right away with a non-conference trip to East Allegheny on 12/16.   

Boys Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Greensburg Salem 11 14 19 24 68
Derry Area 17 29 16 19 81




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Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6432Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6432 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6440Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6440 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6445Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6445 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3104Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3104 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6513Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6513 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6540Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6540 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6574Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6574 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6604Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6604 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6628Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6628 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6643Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6643 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6649Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6649 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6745Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6745 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6789Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6789 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6806Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6806 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6823Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6823 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6844Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6844 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6875Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6875 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6898Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6898 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6935Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6935 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6947Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6947 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6964Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6964 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6996Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6996 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7029Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7029 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7103Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7103 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7141Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7141 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7234Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7234 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3218Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3218 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7328Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7328 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7463Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_7463 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3230Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3230 Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3257Boys Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3257