Girls Basketball - Greensburg Salem vs Derry Area

December 16, 2022

Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5498Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5498

Greensburg Salem Girls Pound Derry 56-20 in Section Opener

Greensburg Salem's girls kicked off their conference schedule with authority, pounding Derry Area from the opening tipoff in a 56-20 win on Thursday, December 15, on the hardwood at Greensburg Salem High School. 

The game matched two of Westmoreland County's long-time coaches, Derry's Gene Brisbane and Greensburg Salem's Rick Klimchock, who together have combined for nearly 800 wins in their coaching careers. But on this night, it was Klimchock who added one to his total at 378, inching closer to Brisbane's current count of 405 victories.

Greensburg Salem came out firing on all cylinders, opening a 19-7 first quarter lead. The suffocating defense and 3-point shooting offense of the Golden Lions stifled the Lady Trojans, who managed only 4 points in the second quarter. The Lions drained five 3-pointers in the first half, and led 32-11 at the intermission. 

The situation didn't improve for Derry in the second half, as the Lady Lions opened a 46-15 third quarter advantage. Reserves got some playing time in the final frame, as the Lions claimed a 56-20 victory in their Class 4A Section 1 opener.  

Greensburg Salem's Kaitlyn Mankins led all scorers with 19 points, followed by Ashlan Price with 10. Mara Lewis had 6 points for Derry. 

Next up for Greensburg Salem (5-1, 1-0) is a non-conference home game with Connellsville on 12/22. Derry (4-3, 0-1) has a quick turnaround as they host Jeannette on 12/16.

Girls Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Greensburg Salem 19 13 14 10 56
Derry Area 7 4 4 5 20




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Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_2899Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_2899 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_2906Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_2906 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_2913Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_2913 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5451Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5451 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5468Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5468 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5484Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5484 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5498Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5498 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5521Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5521 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5526Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5526 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5583Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5583 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5682Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5682 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5705Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5705 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5751Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5751 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5821Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5821 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5830Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5830 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5842Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5842 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5856Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5856 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5924Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5924 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5931Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5931 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5952Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_5952 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6032Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6032 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6039Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6039 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6046Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6046 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6083Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6083 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6106Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6106 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3061Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3061 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6129Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6129 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6150Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6150 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6216Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6216 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6238Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6238 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6320Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6320 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6364Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6364 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6379Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-KR1_6379 Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3077Girl Hoops_GS vs Derry_20221215-WP1_3077