Boys Basketball - Mount Pleasant vs Southmoreland

February 08, 2022

Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8832Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8832

Southmoreland Boys Outduel Mount Pleasant for 53-45 Section Win 

Despite having having over twice the opportunities at the free throw line than Southmoreland, Mount Pleasant couldn't close the gap on their border school rival down the stretch, as they fell to the Scotties 53-45 in a Class 4A Section 3 boys basketball game on February 8 at Mount Pleasant. 

Southmoreland led by as much as 6 points late in the first quarter before Mount Pleasant came back to trail 13-11 heading to quarter two. 

Mount Pleasant fought back to tie the game at 17-17 and 19-19 late in the second, but a Kelvin Lin 3-pointer in the closing seconds put the Scotties on top 22-19 at halftime.

Four third quarter 3-point shots helped the Scotties to extend their lead to 40-33 going into the final frame. The Vikings scored only two field goals in the third, while going 10-of-16 at the foul line.

Mount Pleasant chipped away at the Southmoreland lead, closing to within two at 46-44 with 2:56 left on the clock. But Southmoreland responded by going on a 5-0 run over the next 2:40 to put it out of reach. Mount Pleasant added a free throw with 15 seconds left and put Southmoreland on the line for two points with 12 seconds to play, making the final score 53-45.   

Southmoreland was led by Ty Keffer with 20 points, followed by Isaac Trout with 12 and Ronnie Collins with 10. Keffer was 8-of-9 from the foul line, and the Scotties were 10-of-12 as a team.

Mount Pleasant's Aden Wisnewski led all scorers with 22, and Dante Giallonardo chipped in for 15. The Vikings were 19-of-30 at the charity stripe, with Wisnewski alone getting 21 attempts and making good on 12 of them.   

Southmoreland (7-11, 4-7) closes the regular season at home on 2/11 against another border school neighbor, Yough. Mount Pleasant (3-18, 1-10) closes their regular season with a trip to Uniontown on 2/11.

Boys Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Mt Pleasant 11 8 14 12 45
Southmoreland 13 9 18 13 53




Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7368Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7368 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7375Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7375 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7380Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7380 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7513Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7513 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7576Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7576 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7584Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7584 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7591Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7591 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7655Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7655 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7676Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7676 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7730Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7730 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7764Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7764 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7772Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7772 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7780Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7780 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7798Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7798 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7807Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7807 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7827Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7827 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7861Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7861 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7874Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7874 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7936Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7936 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7947Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7947 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7965Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7965 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7988Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7988 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7992Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_7992 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8008Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8008 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8019Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8019 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8028Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8028 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8033Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8033 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8062Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8062 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8080Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8080 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8114Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8114 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8149Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8149 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8161Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8161 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8170Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8170 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8179Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8179 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8189Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8189 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8238Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8238 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8248Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8248 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8297Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8297 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8307Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8307 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8318Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8318 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8332Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8332 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8362Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8362 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8371Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8371 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8378Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8378 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8404Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8404 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8419Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8419 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8426Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8426 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8469Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8469 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8476Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8476 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8511Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8511 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8545Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8545 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8572Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8572 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8580Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8580 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8604Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8604 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8613Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8613 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8633Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8633 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8658Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8658 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8663Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8663 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8669Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8669 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8726Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8726 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8755Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8755 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8765Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8765 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8777Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8777 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8828Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8828 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8832Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-KR1_8832 Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7529Boys Hoops_MP vs Southmoreland_20220208-WP1_7529