Girls Basketball - GCC vs Apollo-Ridge

February 07, 2022

Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7308Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7308

GCC Girls Celebrate Senior Night with 60-22 Rout of Apollo-Ridge

Greensburg Central Catholic used a 27-point second quarter to break away from a one-score game as they beat Apollo-Ridge 60-22 in a Class 2A Section 4 girls basketball matchup on Monday, February 7, at GCC's gymnasium in Carbon. 

Aggressive defense and multiple turnovers were the order of the day for both teams in the opening quarter, as neither squad looked comfortable from the start. Both teams managed only a pair of field goals in the first quarter, but the Lady Centurions had a 5-2 advantage from the free throw line to hold a 9-6 lead as the quarter ended. 

GCC got back in sync in the second quarter, as Mya Morgan poured in 13 of the Centurions' 27 points, including a pair of 3-pointers. GCC was relentless in forcing the Lady Vikings into turnovers, and the Centurions capitalized while holding the visitors to only 7 additional points. Apollo-Ridge had a pair of players pick up 4 personal fouls well before the half ended, hampering their efforts to keep pace with the Centurions. GCC led 36-13 at the intermission. 

Apollo-Ridge continued to struggle in the third, with only a pair of free throws made over the entire quarter. Meanwhile, GCC added 15 more to their total, putting the game into a mercy-rule running clock as they led 51-15 with the final 8 minutes left to play. 

The Centurions subbed out many of their seniors in the final quarter. Coach Skatell got his entire bench into the game to join in the Senior Night celebration, as GCC rang up a 60-22 win to remain undefeated in section play.       

Mya Morgan's 19 points lad all scoring, with Bailey Kuhns adding 12 and Emma Riley 11 for the victors. The Centurions had 10 of their 12 players score during the contest. Brinley Toland and Sophia Yard each had 8 points for the Vikings. 

GCC (14-4, 8-0) has a quick turnaround with a Tuesday 2/8 game at Ellis School. Apollo-Ridge (13-4, 4-3) gets a one day break before hosting Winchester Thurston on 2/9.   

Girls Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
GCC 9 27 15 9 60
Apollo-Ridge 6 7 2 7 22




Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game


Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4795Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4795 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4817Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4817 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4852Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4852 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4879Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4879 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4884Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4884 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4892Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4892 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4899Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4899 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4939Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4939 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4978Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_4978 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5055Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5055 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5071Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5071 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5097Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5097 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5109Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5109 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7211Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7211 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5154Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5154 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5183Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5183 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5192Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5192 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5209Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5209 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5262Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5262 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5313Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5313 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5338Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5338 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5346Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5346 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5376Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5376 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5410Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5410 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5490Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5490 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5497Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5497 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5542Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5542 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5557Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5557 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5599Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5599 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5644Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5644 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5670Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5670 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5704Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5704 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5749Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5749 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5771Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5771 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5776Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5776 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5806Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5806 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5837Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5837 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5890Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5890 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5897Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5897 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5938Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5938 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5943Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5943 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5978Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5978 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5988Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_5988 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_6017Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-KR1_6017 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7245Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7245 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7263Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7263 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7267Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7267 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7308Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7308 Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7324Girls Hoops_GCC vs Apollo-Ridge_20220207-WP1_7324