Baseball - Latrobe vs North Catholic

May 09, 2022

Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0556Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0556

Latrobe Scores Two in Sixth to Beat North Catholic 5-3

A pair of back-to-back hits with two outs in the sixth inning broke a 3-3 deadlock and powered the Greater Latrobe Wildcats to a 5-3 non-conference win over visiting North Catholic on Monday, May 9, at Graham-Sobota Field in Unity Township. 

Following a scoreless first inning by both teams, the Wildcats put 3 runs on the board in the bottom of the second to break the ice. After the Cats loaded the bases, Jake Cramer grounded into a fielder's choice, scoring Anthony Massari from third base. A Chase Sickenberger single drove in Owen Miele on the next play, followed by Logan Short's single to centerfield, scoring Cramer from third base.

North Catholic got a pair of runs back in the top of the third. Augie Maslo walked, followed by a Sean Dewey double to put Trojans at second and third with no outs. After a pop out to shortstop, Drew Doherty's sacrifice fly to center scored Maslo for the Trojans' first run. Dewey scored on the next play when a pop fly by Blake Primrose was mishandled and he reached on an error, but a fly out to centerfield ended the inning on the next play. 

Latrobe held the lead until the top of the fifth when a two-out error on Jack Garbin's ground ball back to the mound scored Drew Doherty from second base. Ryan Shantz's groundout ended the inning with the scored tied 3-3.

Latrobe threatened in the bottom of the fifth when they loaded the bases on a single and a pair of walks with two outs, but the threat passed when a fly out to left field stranded the runners on base.

North Catholic opened the sixth with a pair of walks, but the threat fizzled when Augie Maslo flied out to right fielder Jacob Albaugh, who threw out North Catholic's Ryan Mielnicki at third base after he tagged up from second on the fly out. Lefty Matt Macey, who relieved Wildcats' starter Chase Sickenberger at the top of the sixth, struck out Dewey to end the Trojans' half of the inning. 

Jacob Albaugh's infield single opened the Wildcats turn in the sixth. Eli Boring came in to run for Albaugh, then he advanced to second on Owen Miele's sacrifice bunt. Following Jake Cramer's fly out to center for the second out, Chase Sickenberger drove in Boring with a double to left field. Logan Short's single to left field scored Sickenberger from second, and Short ended up on second after the throw to the plate. Latrobe chased North Catholic starting pitcher Tommy Koroly from the mound and he was replaced by Augie Maslo, who retired Vinny Amatucci on a groundout to end the inning. 

Macey took down the Trojans on three consecutive fly outs in the top of the seventh to end the game with a 5-3 win. 

Matt Macey was the winning pitcher with two innings in relief of starter Chase Sickenberger. Starter Tommy Koroly picked up the loss for the Trojans. 

Chase Sickenberger and Logan Short both had a pair of RBIs for Latrobe. Sickenberger also had a double, which was the game winning RBI. Sean Dewey and Jack Garbin each had a double for North Catholic. 

Varsity Baseball  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 F
North Catholic 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 3
Greater Latrobe 0 3 0 0 0 2 x 5




Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game. 

Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8656Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8656 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8689Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8689 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8707Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8707 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8739Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8739 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8763Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8763 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8789Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8789 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8891Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8891 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8913Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8913 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8930Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8930 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8942Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8942 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8956Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8956 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8985Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_8985 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9017Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9017 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9037Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9037 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9078Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9078 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9094Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9094 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9125Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9125 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9131Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9131 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9152Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9152 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9175Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9175 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9203Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9203 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9211Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9211 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9267Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9267 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9288Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9288 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9408Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9408 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9423Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9423 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9527Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9527 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9565Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9565 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9588Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9588 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9621Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9621 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9654Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9654 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-WP1_8425Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-WP1_8425 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9799Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9799 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9832Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9832 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9865Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9865 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9879Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9879 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9927Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9927 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9951Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9951 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9997Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_9997 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0050Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0050 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0065Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0065 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0119Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0119 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0142Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0142 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-WP1_8438Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-WP1_8438 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-WP1_8445Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-WP1_8445 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0193Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0193 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0201Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0201 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0243Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0243 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0255Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0255 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0259Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0259 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0336Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0336 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0344Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0344 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0454Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0454 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0530Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0530 Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0556Baseball_Latrobe vs N Catholic_20220509-KR1_0556