Football - Derry Area vs Greater Latrobe

August 27, 2022

Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2221Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2221

Latrobe Lights-Up Derry 55-0 in Rivalry Game Win

There was lightning in the sky as well as on the field when Greater Latrobe visited Derry Area for their annual rivalry game on Friday, August 26, at a soggy, humid Trojan Field in Derry. By the time the long night of football was over, Latrobe running back Robert Fulton provided the on-field lightning, crossing the goal line five times before halftime, as the Wildcats beat the host Trojans 55-0.

A pregame downpour delayed the debut game of first-year head coaches Mike Arone of Derry and Ron Prady of Latrobe until 7:45. The Wildcats won the coin toss and deferred, setting the Trojans up to receive the opening kickoff. Derry couldn't move the chains on their first possession and was forced to punt.

One play later, Fulton lit up the crowd and the Trojan's defense with a 63-yard touchdown run with only 73 seconds elapsed in the game. Vinny Oddo booted the first of his five first half PAT kicks and the Cats led 7-0. 

After Derry's second possession stalled, Latrobe took over near midfield following the Trojan's punt. This time it took the Wildcats only 50 seconds to march down the field for 7 points, capped off by Fulton's 12-yard touchdown run and Oddo's kick.

Fulton's hat-trick touchdown came at 4:36 of the opening quarter when he crossed the goal line from 7 yards out. 

Derry was still unable to get their offense on track, as the Wildcats drive downfield again, aided by a 38-yard pass completion from sophomore quarterback John Wetzel to senior Buddy Young. The Wildcats were threatening to score again as the first quarter came to an end and the teams switched ends. 

Latrobe opened the second quarter with an incomplete pass on first-and-goal from the 6 yard line. A penalty on the next play pushed them back to the 17 yard line just as the sky lit up with lightning in the area at approximately 8:20 PM. Officials immediately sent the teams to their locker rooms as fans were instructed to evacuate the stadium and wait out the risk in their cars or the school gymnasium. Following a mandatory minimum 30-minute delay, both teams and fans were allowed back into the stadium just before 9 PM.

The delay seemed to spark new life into the Trojan defense, as they forced Latrobe to turn the ball over on downs deep in Derry territory. The Derry offense seemed to take a cue from the defensive stop, as they began to drive the ball on Latrobe for the first time on the night. The Trojans gained first downs on the efforts of running back Ahmad Ward and several good runs by sophomore quarterback Blake Revoir. But the drive came to a sudden end as Latrobe recovered a Derry fumble at the Wildcats 30 yard line. 

With Derry's biggest threat of the game aborted, Latrobe's offense went back to work. A pair of Fulton touchdown runs, 29 yards followed by 10 yards, closed out the first half scoring and sent Latrobe to the locker room with a comfortable 35-0 lead. 

Coach Prady took advantage of the opportunity to rest some starters in the mercy-ruled second half. Alex Tatsch scored on a 20-yard run at 9:25 of the third quarter, with a botched PAT snap making the score 41-0.  

A pair of Gaige Kettren 4th quarter touchdown runs of 44 and 32 yards, with Devin Webster kicking the extra points, closed out the scoring with Latrobe claiming bragging rights in the 55-0 win over their boundary neighbors.  

Both teams will begin their regular season WPIAL schedules on the road next Friday night with non-conference matchups. Greater Latrobe (1-0) will travel to former conference opponent Franklin Regional, hoping to avenge a tough loss last season. Derry (0-1) takes on the Greensburg Salem Golden Lions at historic Offutt Field in Greensburg.

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game. 

Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1636Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1636 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1660Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1660 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1679Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1679 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1706Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1706 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1746Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1746 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2252Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2252 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1773Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1773 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1797Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1797 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1817Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1817 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1851Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1851 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1870Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1870 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1902Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1902 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1911Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_1911 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2004Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2004 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2058Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2058 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2079Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2079 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2124Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2124 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2142Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2142 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2221Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2221 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2281Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2281 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2328Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2328 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2343Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2343 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2347Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2347 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2399Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2399 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2403Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2403 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2463Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2463 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2551Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2551 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2585Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2585 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2608Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2608 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2670Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2670 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2712Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2712 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2722Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2722 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2794Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2794 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2960Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_2960 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3008Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3008 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3014Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3014 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3092Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3092 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3205Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3205 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3219Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3219 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3234Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3234 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3256Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3256 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3284Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3284 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3297Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3297 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3332Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3332 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3359Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3359 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3366Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3366 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3377Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3377 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3404Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3404 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3408Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3408 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3411Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3411 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3419Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3419 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3428Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3428 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3469Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3469 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3473Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3473 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3486Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3486 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3504Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3504 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3518Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3518 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3537Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3537 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3594Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3594 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3608Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3608 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3610Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3610 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3623Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3623 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3628Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3628 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3656Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3656 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3695Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3695 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2427Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2427 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3732Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3732 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3766Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3766 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3871Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3871 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3948Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3948 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3962Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3962 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3997Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_3997 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4040Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4040 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4052Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4052 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2467Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2467 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4059Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4059 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4069Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4069 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4095Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4095 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4117Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4117 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4177Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4177 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4210Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4210 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4276Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4276 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4294Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-KR1_4294 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2517Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2517 Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2566Football_Derry vs Latrobe_20220826-WP1_2566