Boys Soccer - Franklin Regional vs Greater Latrobe

September 20, 2022

Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4172Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4172

Franklin Regional Boys Score Early and Often in 8-0 Win over Latrobe

Franklin Regional put up seven first-half goals while holding the Latrobe Wildcats scoreless enroute to an 8-0 final during their Class 3A SEction 4 clash on Tuesday, September 20, at Panther Stadium in Murrysville. 

Franklin Regional senior Colton Hudson started the scoring one minute into the game as he punched in a loose ball from the left side of the cage.  

Gary Zhang added his name to the scorebook in the 7th minute as his shot from the right side of the goal landed in the twine.

After Hudson picked up his second of the match in the 13th minute, Danny Christafano made it 4-0 with his goal 17 minutes in. 

Hudson claimed the hat-trick just before the midpoint of the half, followed quickly by a Sam Dawson goal less than a minute later to make the score 6-0 

The Panthers went up 7-0 just before halftime as Tyler Pipon connected inside the right post. 

Franklin Regional's final goal came just past the midpont of the second half off the foot of Joey Bayne to close out the scorebook with an 8-0 victory.

Franklin Regional (6-3-0, 6-1-0) will host Obama Academy on Thursday before their rematch with section-leading Plum on 9/27. Latrobe (3-5-0, 3-4-0) Will is home against Penn-Trafford on Thursday, followed by an afternoon game against Obama at Cupples Stadium on 9/27.     

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game. 

Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4090Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4090 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4095Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4095 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4130Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4130 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5614Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5614 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4172Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4172 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4197Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4197 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4211Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4211 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4279Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4279 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5835Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5835 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4341Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4341 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4349Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4349 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5909Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5909 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5935Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-5935 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4385Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4385 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4441Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4441 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4454Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4454 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4476Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4476 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4513Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4513 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4521Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4521 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4537Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4537 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4576Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4576 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4634Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4634 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4657Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4657 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4706Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4706 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-6366Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-6366 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4731Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4731 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4793Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4793 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4834Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4834 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4920Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4920 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4955Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4955 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4972Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_4972 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-6699Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-6699 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5012Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5012 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5061Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5061 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5109Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5109 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5158Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5158 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5165Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5165 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5203Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5203 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-6955Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-6955 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5247Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5247 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5259Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5259 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5288Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5288 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5298Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5298 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-7251Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-7251 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-7320Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-7320 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5372Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5372 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-7954Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-7954 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8050Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8050 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5612Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5612 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5632Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5632 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5643Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5643 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5691Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5691 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8367Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8367 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5716Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5716 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5759Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5759 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8614Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8614 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8692Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8692 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5831Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5831 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8836Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-8836 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5892Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5892 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5944Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_5944 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-9150Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-9150 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-9326Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-9326 Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-9364Boys Soccer-Franklin Regional vs Latrobe-20200920-BR-9364 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_6025Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_6025 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_6062Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_6062 Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_6138Boys Soccer_FR vs Latrobe_20220920-KR1_6138