2023 WCCA Bowling Championships

January 21, 2023

2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51272023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5127 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51222023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5122

Franklin Regional Boys and Kiski Area Girls Win Team Titles at 2023 WCCA Bowling Championships 

The boys from Franklin Regional and the girls from Kiski Area led the field to win the team champion trophies at the 2nd Annual Westmoreland County Coaches Association Bowling Championships on Saturday, January 21, at Hillview Lanes in Greensburg.

The Franklin Regional boys rolled a 2992 team score to edge second place Greensburg Salem, who came in at 2958 total pins. Greater Latrobe was third at 2844.  

Kiski Area topped the girls competition by over 100 pins, outpacing second place Greater Latrobe 2514 to 2402 total team pins. Penn-Trafford was third with 1946. 

Individually, Franklin Regional's Brandon Smith took the gold medal with games of 246, 245, 205 for a 696 series. Greensburg Salem's Sam Demine edged Greater Latrobe's Robbie Phillips by a singles pin, 655-654, for the runner-up spot. 

Alyssa Balest of Penn-Trafford defended her title in last year's inaugural tournament by rolling games of 221, 238, 217 for a 676 series. Hempfield Area's Amelia Droste was the runner-up with a 616 series and Vanessa McMichael of Greater Latrobe finished third at 597. 

The top ten boys and girls individual series were awarded medals. A list of medalists and photos of medalists and team champions are shown below.

A list of team final scores is shown below. Teams that did not field a full complement of five bowlers will not show a score, although their bowlers competed for individual honors. Photos of all teams are available in the gallery link below.      

Follow this link for a gallery of photos from this event, available for purchase or sharing

Team ResultsTeam Results Boys resultsBoys results

Girls ResultsGirls Results 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_14762023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1476 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_14972023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1497 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_15502023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1550 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_15752023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1575 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_15942023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1594 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_15992023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1599 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_16152023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1615 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_16282023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1628 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_16562023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1656 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_16622023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1662 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_16752023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1675 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_16902023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1690 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17152023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1715 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17242023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1724 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17272023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1727 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17512023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1751 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17752023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1775 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17882023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1788 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_17922023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1792 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18032023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1803 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18252023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1825 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18312023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1831 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18382023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1838 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18592023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1859 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18712023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1871 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_18852023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1885 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_19162023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1916 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_19262023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_1926 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_20022023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2002 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_20142023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2014 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_20252023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2025 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_20422023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2042 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_20682023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2068 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_20842023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2084 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_21542023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2154 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_21652023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2165 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_21952023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2195 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_22132023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2213 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_22252023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-KR1_2225 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51012023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5101 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51032023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5103 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5106-22023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5106-2 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51082023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5108 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51122023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5112 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51162023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5116 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51222023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5122 2023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_51272023 WCCA Bowling_20230121-WP1_5127