2023 WCCA Swimming Championships

January 28, 2023

2023 WCCA Swim_4 Team Champions composite2023 WCCA Swim_4 Team Champions composite

Mount Pleasant and Greater Latrobe Girls, Kiski Area and Franklin Regional Boys Win Team Titles at 2023 WCCA Swimming Championships

Eight new meet records were set as the Westmoreland County Coaches Association's 2023 Swimming Championships were held on Saturday, January 28, 2023 at Derry Area High School. 

Teams from Belle Vernon, Burrell, Derry Area, Franklin Regional, Greater Latrobe, Greensburg Salem, Hempfield Area, Kiski Area, Kiski School, Ligonier Valley, Mt. Pleasant, Norwin, Penn-Trafford, and Southmoreland participated. The 2023 Diving Championships were held Friday evening.

Mt. Pleasant claimed 4 of the 8 new meet records, with Franklin Regional swimmers setting three and Kiski Area getting one. Mt. Pleasant swimmers broke 3 records they set last year; the Girls 200 Medley Relay team, Lily King in the Girls 100 Free, and Joseph Gardner in the Boys 100 Breast. Kiski Area's Parker Sterlitz broke his own Boys 500 Free record from 2022.    

New meet records set were:

  • Girls 200 Medley Relay - Mt. Pleasant: Kiersten O'Connor, SaraJo Gardner, McKenna Mizikar, Lily King - 1:45.42
  • Boys 200 Medley Relay - Franklin Regional: Holden Thomas, Aiden Bunker, Benjamin Holm, Jason Tosh - 1:35.97
  • Girls 200 Free - Lily King, Mt. Pleasant - 1:49.76
  • Boys 200 IM - Aiden Bunker, Franklin Regional  - 1:54.48
  • Girls 100 Free - Lily King, Mt. Pleasant - 49.63
  • Boys 500 Free - Parker Sterlitz, Kiski Area - 4:39.34
  • Boys 100 Back - Holden Thomas, Franklin Regional - 49.81
  • Boys 100 Breast - Joseph Gardner, Mt. Pleasant - 56.87

Team championship trophies for Class AA schools were awarded to the Mt Pleasant girls and Kiski Area boys. In Class AAA, Greater Latrobe won the girls team trophy and Franklin Regional won the boys.  

Full individual and team results can be viewed as PDF files at the following links:

Full Meet Results    Team Results

A selection of photos from competition can be seen below. Follow the link below to view or purchase photos from over 2000 photos we took at this event.​​

Photos of all swim and dive events are now available online. Click on the link below to view the photo galleries. 



20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-295720230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-2957 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_7883WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_7883 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8026WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8026 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8032WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8032 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-322120230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3221 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-325320230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3253 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8159WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8159 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-338420230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3384 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-340920230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3409 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8250WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8250 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-347720230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3477 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8299WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8299 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8469WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8469 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-357020230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3570 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8498WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8498 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-373320230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3733 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8674WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8674 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-393420230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3934 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8881WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_8881 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-394320230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-3943 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-405320230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4053 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9024WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9024 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9247WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9247 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-421820230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4218 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9302WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9302 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-424920230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4249 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-426920230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4269 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9376WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9376 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-429020230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4290 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-430120230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4301 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9565WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9565 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9593WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9593 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-449520230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4495 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-452420230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4524 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-453120230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4531 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-458520230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4585 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-466120230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4661 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-489120230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-4891 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_0997WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_0997 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_0999WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_0999 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1005WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1005 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1009WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1009 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1014WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1014 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1024WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1024 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1026WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1026 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1030WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1030 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9897WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9897 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9985WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_9985 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_0045WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_0045 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_0283WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_0283 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_0566WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_0566 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1008WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1008 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1110WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1110 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1038WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1038 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1042WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1042 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1046WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1046 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1049WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1049 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1053WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1053 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1057WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1057 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1193WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1193 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1384WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1384 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-644620230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6446 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1452WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1452 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-655220230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6552 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1472WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1472 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-659020230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6590 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-664320230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6643 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1546WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_1546 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-681520230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6815 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-687920230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6879 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-694920230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-6949 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-716520230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-7165 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2040WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2040 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-723720230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-7237 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2088WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2088 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2233WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2233 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2257WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2257 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-750920230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-7509 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2432WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2432 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2695WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2695 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-770820230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-7708 WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2804WCCA Swimming_20230128-KR1_2804 20230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-785420230128 - WCCA Swimming_BR-7854 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1061WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1061 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1067WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1067 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1069WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1069 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1072WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1072 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1079WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1079 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1084WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1084 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1090WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1090 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1092WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1092 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1095WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1095 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1102WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1102 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1107WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1107 WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1109WCCA Swim Podium_20230128-KR5_1109