13th Annual Franklin Regional - Clelian Heights Day Basketball Game

February 01, 2023

Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6223Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6223

Franklin Regional - Clelian Heights Basketball Game is Back after Pandemic Haitus

Everyone loves a good comeback story. And there is none better than the Clelian Heights Day basketball game returning to Franklin Regional High School on Friday, January 27, 2023, following a two year haitus due to the pandemic.

Franklin Regional basketball's relationship with the Clelian Heights School for Exceptional Children goes back 13 years. Beginning in 2011, the Franklin Regional basketball teams held a basketball clinic at Clelian Heights facllities where the Panthers would work with the Clelian Heights athletes on basketball skills. The Clelian Heights team would then visit the Panthers' gym to play an evening exhibition game in front of the Franklin Regional crowd during halftime of the varsity games.

In recent years, the time of the game was moved to be held during school hours. The team from Clelian Heights now travels to Murrysville on a January afternoon where they play the game in front of the entire staff and student body at the high school. The game is played in two 7-minute halves, and includes a three-point shooting contest at halftime with Franklin Regional girls and boys basketball players pairing up with Crusaders players. Cheers rain down over the court from the bleachers, packed full of enthusiastic supporters.  

All are winners at this game, which concluded with the Franklin Regional boys and girls basketball boosters organizations presenting a donation check of $2,000 to Clelian Heights to help with their athletic budget. Over the years, in excess of $15,000 has been donated to support this worthy cause. 

Prior to the game, members of the Franklin Regional Unified Club spoke about their mission of inclusivity for all, and they unveiled their banner as a Special Olympics National Unified Champion School. 

Clelian Heights is a school that provides spiritual, educational and vocational programs for kids and young adults with intellectual challenges. For more information on the good things happening at Clelian Heights School for Exceptional Children, visit www.clelianheights.org

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Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5404Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5404 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5452Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5452 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5501Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5501 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5513Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5513 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5525Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5525 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5531Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5531 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5537Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5537 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5550Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5550 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5553Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5553 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5560Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5560 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5597Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5597 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5467Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5467 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5491Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5491 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5534Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5534 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5606Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5606 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5642Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5642 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5686Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5686 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5697Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5697 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5704Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5704 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5760Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5760 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5798Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5798 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5828Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5828 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5614Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5614 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5641Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5641 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5668Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5668 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5897Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5897 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5902Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5902 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5913Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5913 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5699Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5699 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5706Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5706 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5930Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5930 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5949Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5949 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5955Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5955 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5965Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5965 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5723Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5723 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5751Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5751 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5762Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5762 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5791Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5791 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5824Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5824 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5854Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5854 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5997Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_5997 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5880Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5880 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5912Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5912 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6036Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6036 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6070Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6070 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5926Clelian Heights Day_20230127-WP1_5926 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6111Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6111 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6133Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6133 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6176Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6176 Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6223Clelian Heights Day_20230127-KR1_6223