2023 WCCA Wrestling Championships

January 08, 2023

WCCA Wrestling_20230107-KR5_0966WCCA Wrestling_20230107-KR5_0966 WCCA Wrestling_20230107-KR5_0980WCCA Wrestling_20230107-KR5_0980

Greater Latrobe Claims Team Title at 2023 WCCA Wrestling Championships 

With 4 champions and 2 runners-up in the final round, Greater Latrobe defended their team championship in the 69th Westmoreland County Coaches Association Wrestling Championships on Saturday, January 7, at Greensburg Salem High School. 

The Wildcats finished 22 points clear of the field with 219 team points. Franklin Regional edged out Hempfield Area 197 to 195.5 to claim second place. Hempfield sent 4 wrestlers into the finals, and all finished with gold medals. Franklin Regional had two champions and two runners-up in the final round

Rounding out the top five teams were Penn-Trafford at 173, and Burrell with 170.

Individual champions were crowned as follows:

107 - Cam Baker (Burrell) by Decision over Dylan Barrett (Penn Trafford), 9-2

114 - Luke Willochell (Greater Latrobe) by Decision over Tyler Kapusta (Franklin Regional), 3-0

121 - Sulayman Bah (Kiski School) by Major Decision over Leo Joseph (Greater Latrobe), 10-1

127 - Vinny Kilkeary (Greater Latrobe) by Fall over Hayden Coy (Penn Trafford), 4:51

133 - Ethan Lebin (Hempfield) by Decision over Cooper Hornack (Burrell), 3-0

139 - Eli Carr (Hempfield) by Decision over Nathan Stone (Franklin Regional), 4-0

145 - Lucas Kapusta (Hempfield) by Decision over Jamison Poklembo (Mount Pleasant), 5-1

152 - Charlie Mesich (Hempfield) by Decision over Logan Bechtold (Kiski Area), 7-3

160 - Gavyn Beck (Franklin Regional) by Decision over Wyatt Schmucker (Greater Latrobe), 7-1

172 - Tasso Whipple (Penn Trafford) by Decision over Isaac Lacinksi (Burrell), 8-7

189 - Juliano Marion (Franklin Regional) by Decision over Cooper Roscosky (Kiski Area), 5-0

215 - Corey Boerio (Greater Latrobe) by Decision over Owen Ott (Penn Trafford), 4-2

285 - Wyatt Held (Greater Latrobe) by Decision over Joe Enick (Penn Trafford), 3-2 UTB

Vinny Kilkeary of Greater Latrobe was named Outstanding Wrestler. 

Complete team and individual results and brackets can be viewed at the link below.

Prior to the final round, the WCCA announced their most recent scholarship winners.

  • The Nick Pecoraro Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Monessen graduate Loni Scott.
  • The Robert Van Atta Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Yough graduate Kayla Gerdich.
  • The Dr. Larry Sellitto Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Monessen graduate Jack Sacco.
  • A regular scholarship was awarded to Yough graduate Tristan Waldier.
  • A regular scholarship was awarded to Mount Pleasant Area graduate Bryce Jaworski.
  • A regular scholarship was awarded to Ligonier Valley graduate Madison Griffin.

Link to our gallery of awards and medals

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Link to full results via FloArena

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