Girls Basketball - Norwin vs Hempfield Area

January 09, 2023

Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4036Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4036

Second Half Surge Propels Norwin Girls to 53-29 Win over Hempfield

Norwin broke open a close game with a third quarter scoring surge to easily defeat visiting Hempfield Area 53-29 in a Class 6A Section 1 girls basketball game on Monday, January 9, 2023, at Norwin High School in North Huntingdon. 

Hempfield scored first to open the game, but it didn't take long for the Lady Knights to get on track and start to build a lead. But the Lady Spartans had other thoughts, as they battled back to close the quarter trailing 13-11. 

The scoring pace for both teams dropped off in the second. Norwin outscored Hempfield 9-7, with a pair of 3-pointers doing most of the work. Norwin led 22-18 at halftime. 

The second half was all Norwin, starting with an 18-point third quarter that opened up a 14-point margin on the Spartans. Ava Kobus had 11 points in the third, including three of the five 3-pointers she scored in the game.  

Hempfield couldn't close the gap in the final quarter, as they managed only 3 more points before the final buzzer. The Knights padded their lead by 10 more points to finish with a 53-29 win in the matchup with their neighbors to the East.    

Norwin's Ava Kobus led all scorers with 19, and her teammate Lauren Palangio contributed 10. The Knights drained 7 shots from behind the 3-point arc. Hempfield was led by Brooke McCoy with 9 points, including a pair of 3-pointers. Norwin was 12-of-18 from the foul line, while Hempfield shot 10-of-20 on the free throw line.

Section standings leader Norwin (11-1, 3-0) will travel to Pine-Richland on 1/12 for a game with the second place Rams. Next up for Hempfield (7-6, 1-2) is a section home game with Butler on 1/12.

Girls Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Norwin 13 9 18 13 53
Hempfield 11 7 8 3 29




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Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3512Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3512 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3572Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3572 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3592Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3592 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3643Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3643Action from Norwin vs Hempfield Area girls basketball on Monday, January 9, 2023, at Norwin High School in North Huntingdon. Norwin won 53-29. Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3657Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3657 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3668Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3668 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3687Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3687 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3712Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3712 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3720Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3720 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3758Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3758 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3788Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3788 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3799Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3799 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3838Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3838 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3870Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3870 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3896Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3896 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3901Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3901 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3917Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3917 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3926Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3926 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3965Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3965 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3983Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3983 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3994Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_3994 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4036Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4036 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4095Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4095 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4157Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4157 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4246Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4246 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4256Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4256 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4275Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4275 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4287Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4287 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4313Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4313 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4382Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4382Action from Norwin vs Hempfield Area girls basketball on Monday, January 9, 2023, at Norwin High School in North Huntingdon. Norwin won 53-29. Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4436Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4436 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4466Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-KR1_4466 Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-WP1_4285Girls Hoops_Norwin vs Hempfield_20230109-WP1_4285