2024 WCCA Diving Championships

January 27, 2024

2024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_29802024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_2980 2024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_29842024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_2984

Derry Area Dominates at 2024 WCCA Diving Championships

A pair of Derry Area athletes topped the field at the 2024 Westmoreland County Coaches Association Diving Championship held Friday, January 26 at the Derry Area High School natatorium.

Derry's Jake Hauser backed up his 2023 championship with another gold medal winning performance. His score of 442.80 easily bested his 350.45 winning mark of a year ago. Tanner Collins of Hempfield Area was the runner-up with 322.55, and Franklin Regional's Mac Miller repeated his third place finish from 2023 with 265.45. Benjamin Kudrick of Hempfield was fourth with 231.95 points and Timmy Miller of Derry was close behind with 229.85. 

Girls gold medalist Ella Silvis made the climb to the top step of the awards podium following a second place finish in 2023. Her score of 396.20 topped her Derry Area teammate, Chaeli Keenan, who was close behind with 378.80 points. Hempfield's Kate Livingston matched her 2023 third place finish with 347.70 points. Rounding out the 6 medalists were Rayna Wisneski of Mount Pleasant with 336.80, Samantha Wolfe of Penn Trafford with 312.70, and Alayna Stroup from Franklin Regional with 307.90 points.

Participating schools were Derry Area, Franklin Regional, Greater Latrobe, Hempfield Area, Ligonier Valley, Mount Pleasant, and Penn-Trafford. 

The competition for team championships continues with Saturday's swimming events, also held at Derry  

Follow this link for a huge gallery of action photos from this event.

2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-WP1_87662024 WCCA Diving_20240126-WP1_8766 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-WP1_87762024 WCCA Diving_20240126-WP1_8776 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-WP1_87792024 WCCA Diving_20240126-WP1_8779 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_78132024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_7813 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_79372024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_7937 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_79802024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_7980 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_81342024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8134 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_81912024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8191 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_82962024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8296 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_83432024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8343 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_83982024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8398 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_84152024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8415 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_84352024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8435 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_86242024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8624 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_86652024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8665 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_88272024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8827 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_88492024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_8849 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_90002024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_9000 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_91782024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_9178 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_91982024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_9198 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_95052024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_9505 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_99812024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_9981 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_00842024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0084 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_01512024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0151 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_01642024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0164 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_02802024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0280 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_03212024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0321 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_03952024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0395 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_04452024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0445 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_04642024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0464 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_06362024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0636 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_07062024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0706 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_07272024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0727 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_08272024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0827 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_08492024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0849 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_08682024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0868 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_09632024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0963 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_09872024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_0987 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_10962024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1096 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_11382024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1138 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_11612024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1161 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_11802024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1180 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_12432024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1243 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_12662024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1266 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_14782024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1478 2024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_16842024 WCCA Diving_20240126-KR1_1684 2024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_29802024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_2980 2024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_29842024 WCCA Swim Dive Podium_20240126-KR5_2984