2024 WCCA Bowling Championships

January 20, 2024

2024 WCCA Bowling_20240120-WP1_81722024 WCCA Bowling_20240120-WP1_8172 2024 WCCA Bowling_20240120-WP1_81692024 WCCA Bowling_20240120-WP1_8169

Hempfield Area Sweeps Team Titles at 2024 WCCA Bowling Championships

Hempfield Area girls and boys bowling teams each hoisted their first county bowling championship trophy at the 3rd Annual Westmoreland County Coaches Association Bowling Championships on Saturday, January 20, at Hillview Lanes in Greensburg.

Both Hempfield teams won their title by dethroning the 2023 championship team. The boys beat 2023 winner Franklin Regional 2867 to 2680. Greensburg Salem finished third with 2612 total pins and Greater Latrobe was fourth with 2552.

On the girls side, The Lady Spartans topped last year's champs from Kiski Area by a margin of 2515 to 2045 total pins. Greater Latrobe and Greensburg Salem rounded out the top four with 1912 and 1780 respectively. 

Individually, Greensburg Central Catholic's Mike Mullaney earned the boys gold medal with a 643 series, which included the tournament-best game of 267. Baxter Diehm of Valley was runner-up with a 620 series, and Franklin Regional's Luke Sunny finished third with 616. 

The girls individual champion was Hempfield Area's Amelia Droste with a 620 series. Hempfield's Lauren Naeger and Kiski Area's Veronica both finished with a 547 series, but Naeger won the silver medal on the basis of the high game tiebreaker, 207 to 202. 

The top ten individual scoring girls and boys, listed below, were all awarded medals.

Participants included bowlers from Burrell, Belle Vernon Area, Franklin Regional, Greater Latrobe, Greensburg Central Catholic, Greensburg Salem, Hempfield Area, Kiski Area, Penn-Trafford, and Valley.   

A PDF file with full tournament results is available here: 


Girls Top 10

Place School Bowler Total Pins
1 Hempfield Area Amelia Droste 620
2 Hempfield Area Lauren Naeger 547 (won tie breaker)
3 Kiski Area Veronica Flanagan 547
4 Hempfield Area Ashley Bensur 541
5 Burrell Leah McCandless 500
6 Greater Latrobe Katelyn Kerchner 472
7 Kiski Area Haley Zeller 436
8 Greater Latrobe Regina Zezza 434
9 Hempfield Area Sarah Leasure 415
10 Kiski Area Phoebe Richard 414

Boys Top 10

Place School Bowler Total Pins
1 GCC Mike Mullaney 643
2 Valley Baxter Diehm 620
3 Franklin Regional Luke Sunny 616
4 Hempfield Area Josh Cayer 615
5 Hempfield Area Evan Konieczka 591
6 Greensburg Salem Brandon Semoni 566
7 Greater Latrobe Robert Phillips 559
8 Franklin Regional Andrew Marcej 553
9 Greater Latrobe Alek Skwirut 546
10 Hempfield Area Eli Johnson 54

Follow this link for a gallery of photos from this event, including team photos, available for purchase or social media sharing. 

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