Girls Soccer - Franklin Regional vs Hampton

October 07, 2020

Girls Soccer_FR vs Hampton_20201007-KR1_2624Girls Soccer_FR vs Hampton_20201007-KR1_2624

Hampton Girls Leapfrog to Top of Section with 1-0 Win over Franklin Regional in 2nd Overtime

With only a half game separating Franklin Regional and Hampton in the Class 3A Section 1 standings coming in, Wednesday's game at Franklin Regional could very possibly determine the eventual section champion. Franklin Regional had defeated the Talbots in Hampton at their first meeting on September 17, and with the only blemish on the Lady Panthers record being a tie with Kiski Area, the October 7 rematch with Hampton was critical for both squads. 

Both teams played stingy defense through two complete halves, and at the end of 80 minutes neither team had breached the other's goal opening. Superb play by both goalkeepers continued through the first 10 minute overtime period too, as neither team managed to score. 

The game winning golden goal occurred with 6:42 remaining in the second overtime as Madison Hurst's shot from the right side of the cage slipped past Franklin Regional keeper Sydney Caldwell to end the stalemate. Isabella English played all 94 minutes in recording the shutout in net for the Lady Talbots.

Hampton's win moves them to the top of the section standings with a 7-1-0 record. The Lady Panthers drop to second place with a 6-1-1 record following the loss.

Both teams are back in action again this week as they continue with section play. Franklin Regional travels to Armstrong on October 8 while Hampton goes to Gateway for a game on October 9.       

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

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