Girls Soccer - Franklin Regional vs Latrobe

October 20, 2021

Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6780Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6780

Franklin Regional Girls Top Latrobe 2-1 in 2-Overtime Playoff Tune Up  

By the time the Franklin Regional and Latrobe girls soccer teams met on the field in Murrysville on Wednesday, October 20, they both already knew what lies just ahead for them in the upcoming WPIAL playoffs. Earlier in the day the seeding committee had blessed both teams with number 3 seeds, Greater Latrobe in Class 4A and Franklin Regional in Class 3A. The game they were about to play meant nothing in the standings nor in the playoff picture, but it served as a good tune up for next week's playoff competition. And it played out just like a late-round playoff game, with the teams taking a 1-1 tie deep into a second overtime period before the Lady Panthers prevailed with a 2-1 sudden victory. 

Neither team claimed the advantage in an evenly matched game until the Lady Wildcats broke the ice with freshman Robin Reilly's goal past Panthers' netminder Aris Lamanna at 3:25 left in the first half. It marked the only points scored in the first half. 

The second half looked much like the first until 9:25 remained in regulation when the Panthers evened the score. Sydney Lindeman's long range bomb hit the cross bar and dropped in on Latrobe goalkeeper Sofia DeCerb before she knew what happened. Both teams made runs at the other's net during the remaining time in regulation, but the clock expired before either could break the stalemate. 

A scoreless first 10-minute overtime period led to a second, and that's when Lindeman got the golden goal with 2:29 remaining on the clock to give the Panthers the 2-1 win. The low-scoring, competitive action of the contest for over 97 minutes should benefit both teams in preparing for their playoff opponents next week.

Both teams will open the playoffs at home. Franklin Regional (13-3-1) will host 14 seed West Allegheny on Monday, October 25 at 6:30. Latrobe (13-1-1) will have a bye in the first round before hosting the winner of #6 Peters Township and #11 Pine-Richland on Thursday, October 28 at 6:30.     

Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4693Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4693 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4694Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4694 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4827Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4827 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4846Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4846 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4949Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4949 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4970Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4970 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4976Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_4976 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5045Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5045 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5051Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5051 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5087Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5087 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5106Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5106 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5110Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5110 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5134Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5134 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5148Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5148 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5169Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5169 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5173Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5173 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5190Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5190 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5207Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5207 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5226Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5226 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5242Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5242 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5298Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5298 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5323Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5323 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5400Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5400 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5405Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5405 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5417Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5417 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5494Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5494 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5510Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5510 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5591Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5591 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5593Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5593 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5601Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5601 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5621Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5621 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5653Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5653 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5682Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5682 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5701Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5701 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5723Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5723 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5757Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5757 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5771Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5771 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5798Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5798 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5876Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5876 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5884Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5884 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5911Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5911 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5925Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5925 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5982Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5982 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5992Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_5992 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Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6393Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6393 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6402Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6402 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6454Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6454 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6537Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6537 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6561Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6561 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6625Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6625 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6690Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6690 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6780Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6780 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6803Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6803 Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6813Girlis Soccer-FR vs Latrobe_20211020-KR1_6813