Girls Lacrosse - Franklin Regional vs Latrobe

May 11, 2021

Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4399Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4399

Franklin Regional Girls Lacrosse Overcomes Slow Start to Beat Latrobe 12-9

Franklin Regional overcame a sluggish start against visiting Latrobe, scoring multiple goals in quick spurts, then pulled away late in the game for a 12-9 non-conference girls lacrosse win on Tuesday, May 11, at Panther Stadium in Murrysville.

Latrobe opened the game with unanswered goals by Maria Lazzarro, Taylor Desko, Madison Viazanko, and another one by Desko to take a 4-0 led with 8:34 to play in the half.

Franklin Regional finally broke the ice on a Sarah Gardner goal at the 7:38 mark, then went on a quick mini-run to erase the Lady Wildcats' advantage. Three Franklin Regional goals within a period of 70 seconds off the sticks of Gwenyth Shilling, Catherine Helm, and Regan Fusting put the Lady Panthers back to even at 4-4.

The teams traded goals 20 seconds apart as the half wound down, with Latrobe's goal by Carolina Walters and Franklin Regional's from the stick of Regan Fusting, and the half ended tied at 5-5.

The Wildcats scored first in the second half as Julia Battaglia got her name in the scorebook, followed by Taylor Desko's third of the game to give Latrobe a 7-5 advantage.

The Panthers got one back 40 seconds later with Gwenyth Shilling's second goal, then Taylor Desko notched her fourth for the Cats to make the score 8-6 with 14:18 to play.

But the Panthers came roaring back just two minutes later, going on another run in which they scored 6 unanswered goals in under six minutes. The Panthers' gained the lead with goals from Regan Fusting, Sarah Gardner, Gwenyth Shilling, Brianna Bearly, and the final two by Shilling, gaining a 12-8 advantage over the Wildcats with 6:40 left in the game.

A late Latrobe goal by Taylor Desko closed the gap slightly, making the final score 12-9 in favor of the Panthers. 

High scoring honors were shared by two sophomores, Franklin Regional's Gwenyth Shilling and Latrobe's Taylor Desko, each with 5 goals.

Junior Grace Morani played the entire game in goal for the Panthers. Junior Kaylee Dusetzina minded the net in the first half for the Wildcats and sophomore Kierra Madey guarded the goal in the second half.         

Click this link for a full gallery of over 250 action photos from this game, available for purchase or social media sharing. 

Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2907Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2907 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2913Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2913 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2921Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2921 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2940Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2940 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2953Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2953 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2971Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_2971 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3010Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3010 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3023Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3023 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3066Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3066 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3097Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3097 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3109Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3109 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3156Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3156 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3199Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3199 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3224Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3224 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3249Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3249 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3269Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3269 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3291Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3291 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3305Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3305 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3335Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3335 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3434Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3434 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3457Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3457 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3580Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3580 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3634Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3634 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3672Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3672 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3756Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3756 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3777Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3777 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3791Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3791 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3874Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3874 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3910Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3910 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3971Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_3971 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4038Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4038 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4045Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4045 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4049Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4049 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4068Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4068 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4091Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4091 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4200Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4200 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4252Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4252 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4259Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4259 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4302Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4302 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4314Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4314 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4380Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4380 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4461Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4461 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4467Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4467 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4481Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4481 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4534Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4534 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4539Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4539 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4551Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4551 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4567Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4567 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4612Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4612 Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4717Girls LAX-FR vs Latrobe_20210511-WP1_4717