Boys Basketball - Yough vs Southmoreland

December 14, 2022

Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4781Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4781

Southmoreland Outlasts Yough 44-36 to Remain Unbeaten

On paper, the Southmoreland at Yough boys basketball game on Tuesday, December 13, had all the makings of a high-scoring brawl. Southmoreland was averaging over 75 points per game in opening the season 3-0. Yough also started this season with 3 wins before dropping their most recent two games, but they showed the potential to fill the hoop on any given night. Add in that reclassification occurred since Yough beat the Scotties in two conference games last season, and this non-conference game would be the only meeting of the year between the two border schools. It looked like the perfect setup for both teams to light up the scoreboard. 

But the game is played on the hardwood, not on paper, and the results left prognosticators feeling fooled. When the game was played and the final horn sounded, Southmoreland outlasted Yough 44-36 in front of a loud crowd in the Yough High School gymnasium.

As the first quarter opened, it looked like fans would be treated to a close contest. The Scotties, on the strength of Ty Keffer's 10-point effort, opened a 15-12 lead over the host Cougars. 

But as Southmoreland continued scoring at the same pace in the second quarter, Yough suddenly went cold. The Cougars managed only 4 points, while giving up 15 to the Scotties, and Southmoreland took a commanding 30-16 lead into the locker room at halftime. 

Yough battled back in the second half to make it interesting. The Cougars outscored the Scotties 11-10 in the third, and Yough's Terek Crosby brought the fans to their feet with a steal and a rim-rattling two-hand dunk. But too many missed opportunities down the stretch sealed the Cougars' fate. 

Yough bested Southmoreland 9-4 in the final quarter, but never overcame their first half deficit, despite holding Keffer to only 2 points in the second half. Austin Matthews had 6 points in the fourth for Yough, with a Crosby 3-pointer being the only other points for the Cougars. Southmoreland went 2-of-5 from the free throw line in the fourth, but they had enough of a cushion to seal the 44-36 win. 

Southmoreland was led by Ty Keffer with 14 points and Kelvin Lin with 10. Terek Crosby and Austin Matthews both had 14 for Yough.

Southmoreland (4-0) will host their other border rival and former conference foe, Mount Pleasant, in their only non-conference meeting of the year on 12/16. Yough (3-3) will open their Class 3A Section 4 schedule at home against Brownsville on 12/16. 

Boys Basketball  1 2 3 4 F
Yough 12 4 11 9 36
Southmoreland 15 15 10 4 44




Watch this link for a full gallery of action photos available for purchase or sharing the day after the game

Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2792Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2792 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2799Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2799 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2807Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2807 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4581Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4581 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4606Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4606 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4636Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4636 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4651Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4651 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4657Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4657 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4679Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4679 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4702Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4702 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4716Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4716 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4736Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4736 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4802Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4802 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4855Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4855 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4923Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4923 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4950Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4950 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4963Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4963 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4988Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4988 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4996Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_4996 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5002Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5002 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5012Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5012 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5021Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5021 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5027Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5027 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5038Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5038 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5039-2Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5039-2 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5040-2Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5040-2 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5112Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5112 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5182Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5182 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5229Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5229 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5295Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5295 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5342Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5342 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5360Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-KR1_5360 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2848Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2848 Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2865Boys Hoops_Yough vs Southmoreland_20221213-WP1_2865